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Speaker Series


September 12, 2015               Kathleen Billette-Saul (Behavior Specialist; Cypress-Fairbanks ISD)

Video: "Parents and Special Education Professionals: The Power of Partnership"


November 21, 2015             Wai-Ling Wu

Video: “Organize Your Day! Using Activity Schedules to Promote Independence


December 12, 2015            Lauren Phillips

Video: “Preventing Meltdowns: How to Teach Your Learner To Ask, Wait, and Accept ‘No’

Handouts for "Preventing Meltdowns"



January 23, 2016           Bridgette White

Video: “One Bite At A Time:” Manageable Mealtimes for the Fussy Eater




Problem Behavior

December 13, 2014  - Blair Edwards, "I Want it Now! Reducing Problem Behavior to Get Attention and Tangibles"

November 15, 2014  - Tarah Bowser, "I Don't Want To Do That! Reducing Problem Behavior To Escape or Avoid Things"

January 18, 2014  – "Assessing and Treating Stereotypic Behavior (Chris Roath)


December 14, 2013  – "Reducing Problem Behavior Through Functional Communication Training" (Amy Richardson)


February 16, 2013: “Problems in Public: Strategies for Managing Problem Behavior in Community Settings” (Charles Peterson)


November 12, 2011: Assessing and managing stereotypic behavior. Melania Brown


March 6, 2010  – "Understanding and Managing Problem Behavior"


Skill Acquisition

October 17, 2015                   Kally Luck

“Teach Your Learner to Listen Using the Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis"


April 11, 2015  - Taylor Sweatt and Ashley Neal, "Naturalistic Teaching Strategies for Home and School"


March 28, 2015  - Shimin Bao, "Let's Talk about Your Day! Teaching People to Recall Past Events"

January 24, 2015 - Elizabeth Boggess, "Sexuality Education for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities"

October 11, 2014  - Molly Shireman, "Rewards As Tools for Success: Using Reinforcement Effectively"

April 5, 2014   – "Using Token Economies Successfully at Home and School" (Lauren Plaisance)


March 22, 2014   – "Rockin' Around the Clock: Getting into the Swing of Daily Routines" (Melissa Nissen)


February 15, 2014   – "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words: Using the Picture Exchange Communication System" (Candice Roberson)


November 9, 2013  – "Capturing Motivation & Teachable Moments at Home & School" (Charity English)


March 23, 2013: Transitions For Success (Kristen Vaughn) 


January 19, 2013 : “The Art of Asking: Teaching Simple to Complex Requests” (Adeline Low)


December 8, 2012 : “Overview of the Picture Exchange Communication System” (Jasmyne Patterson)


November 3, 2012 : “Strategies for Increasing Compliance” (Brittany Rothe) 


April 14, 2012: Strategies to promote generalization of skills


January 14, 2012: Increasing communication skills


December 10, 2011: Using reinforcement effectively at school and home. 


October 15, 2011: Designing and using token economies effectively at school and home.


April 16, 2011: How to Ensure that New Skills Endure  Presenters: Alyssa Martin and Lindsay Evans


March 26, 2011: Increasing Social Skills Presenters: Alyssa Martin and Lindsay Evans.


February 19, 2011: Increasing Communication Presenter: Lillie Wilson


November 6, 2010: Promoting Sibling Relationships Presenters: Amber Howell and Martine Got.


Feb. 13, 2010  – "Increasing Compliance"

April 17, 2010  – "Prompting and Reinforcement"


Self-Help Skills (feeding, toileting, sleep)


April 9, 2016                           Danielle Dupuis

“Tips for Toilet Training Successfully”


March 12, 2016         Patti Shoemaker

“Fostering Independence in Adolescence”


February 13, 2016                  Courtney Laudont

"Keep Calm and Count Sheep. Stress-Free Bedtime Routines!”


February 21, 2015  - Conrad Hillman, "Taking the Fight Out of Feeding: Managing Problems at Mealtimes"


April 20, 2013: Fostering Independence in Adolescents and Adults with Autism: Teaching Independent Living Skills (Lauren Haddock) 


December 8, 2012 : “Tips for Making Toilet Training Successful” (Mia Caccavale)


March 10, 2012: Teaching activities of daily living


October 23, 2010: Increasing Appropriate Mealtime Behavior.  Presenters: Nicole Stiefler and Kyna Savage.


Jan. 16, 2010 – "Toilet Training and Life Skills"

Schools and Other Agencies


“Parents and Special Education Professionals - The Power of Partnership”


September 14, 2013 – "Demystifying State Agencies" (Dr. Maria Quintero, Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County) 


February 11, 2012: Working with staff: Training and ethical issues for teachers and parents


December 4, 2010: Using ABA in the Classroom Presenter: Frank Carle, BCaBA, Avondale House.



Intro to ABA


October 12, 2013  – "Bringing Back the Basics of Applied Behavior Analysis" (Trena Rouse)


October 13, 2012 : “The Basics of ABA: Understanding Behavior” (Tiffany Crow), Here is a Powerpoint of the slides. Slides.pdf, Slides.ppt


Autism Spectrum Disorders


September 13, 2014 -Amy Woods (President and Scientific Advisor, Families for Effective Autism Treatment -Houston), "Evidence-Based Treatment of Autism: Perspectives from a Parent with a Scientific Point of View"

September 22, 2012 – “Pushing the Envelope- Looking for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Very Young Infants” (Pauline Filipek, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, University of Texas Health Sciences Center at Houston).


September 17, 2011: Evaluating Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorders: Current Status of the Science


September 18, 2010 -- An Overview of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and Current Treatments for Behavioral and Emotional Problems in ASD. Presenters: Deborah A. Pearson, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical School at Houston and Maria Quintero, Ph.D., Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County. 


January 15, 2011: How Did They Miss That? Previously Undiagnosed Autism Spectrum Disorders in Adolescents and Adults Presenter: Kathryn Loveland, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical School at Houston.


Last updated: 08/04/2016 UTC
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