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Each one of EIH's vessels is equipped with adequate safety equipment as defined by the United States Coast Guard, and maintenance is conducted regularly by EIH's equipment manager. Prior to vessel use, all boat passengers are provided with a thorough EIH boating introduction covering boat handling, safety, equipment, EIH specific procedures, and local boating conditions. Only EIH researchers with adequate licensing and competency levels are allowed to operate EIH vessels. A current Texas boater's safety certificate is mandatory to operate any EIH vessel and operation of large vessels requires higher levels of certification. EIH has OUPV licensed captains available for service depending on vessel use and conditions.

For more information about any of EIH's vessels, please contact EIH at or 281-283-3950.


25' Boston Whaler25' Boston Whaler
EIH's 25' Boston Whaler Guardian is a custom v-hulled fiberglass bay and offshore boat. This vessel is excellent for navigating open waters and is equipped with a dive door and boom.

22' Twin Vee22' Twin Vee
EIH's 22' Twin Vee is a fiberglass catamaran-style bay boat tht is excellent for navigating choppy open waters, pulling trawls, setting or retrieving nets, or running long distances.

22' JH Performance22' JH Performance
EIH's 22' JH Performance is a v-hulled fiberglass bay boat that is excellent for navigating open waters or running long distances.

20' Diamondback Airboat20' Diamondback Airboat
EIH's 20' Diamondback Airboat is excellent for navigating in extremely shallow areas where most outboard motor vessels cannot run.

18' Electroshock Boat18' Electroshock Boat
EIH's 18' Electroshocking boat is equipped with bow railings, electroshocking booms and whiskers, and can be run using any of EIH's Electroshocking rigs.

17' Center Console Weldcraft17' Center Console Weldcraft
EIH's 17' center console weldcraft is excellent for navigating moderately protected waters, tidal creeks, and streams.

17' Weldcraft17' Weldcraft
This vessel has large deck space because of its tiller design, and is excellent for navigating moderately protected waters, tidal creeks, and streams.

14' Weldcraft14' Weldcraft
The 14' weldcraft is a versatile small tiller-style flat-bottom aluminum boat.

Kayaks & CanoesKayaks & Canoes
These vessels can be launched by hand in extremely remote locations and are excellent for navigating narrow tidal creeks or streams.

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Last updated: 08/04/2016 UTC
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