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The “6 Drop" rule in Texas

In Texas, you are not allowed to drop more than six classes after the "Census Date" from initial registration. If you are an undergraduate student and if you started as a first-time undergraduate at any Texas public community college, four-year college, or university in the fall of 2007 or later, you can’t drop more than six courses during your entire Texas college career. The reason is a new Texas law designed to motivate you to complete your coursework and your degree as soon as possible.

What happens after you drop six classes?

If you drop six classes and you want to drop a seventh, we have to deny your request to drop the class. Unless you qualify for an exception, you have to complete the course.

Do the courses you dropped before coming to UHCL count as part of the six?

Yes, they count towards the total. At UHCL we identify the courses you dropped at other Texas colleges as “transfer drops,” and you can see how many you have on E-services (as well as your total).

Exceptions to the six-class drop rule are possible:

  • You withdraw from all classes for the semester
  • We drop you for administrative reasons of our own
  • You are sick or injured
  • You are caring for a sick or injured person
  • You have a death in your immediate family
  • Your work schedule changes
  • You go on active duty service with the U.S. armed forces or Texas National Guard.

Documentation you need for an exception:

We ask you for the same documents you would need if you were withdrawing from the university for reasons such as illness, family death, or military service.
For a change in your work schedule you will need a letter from your supervisor on letterhead or with company contact information.

Classes that do not count as one of your six drops:

  • Courses in which the grade is WX, indicating we approved the drop and that it does not count against you
  • Courses dropped at private or out-of-state institutions.

We help you keep track of your course-drop status.

  • You can find your transferred drop counter and your UHCL drop counter on your Student Center page in E-services.
  • On your transcript, you’ll notice a new code: WQ. If you drop a UHCL course with this code, it counts towards the six classes you are allowed to drop. You also may see a WX code—this means that this class will not count against your six if you drop it. We also use this WX code when we drop you out of a class for administrative reasons
  • As always, you can move in and out of classes through the Census Date without penalty. But after the Census Date, if you reach six classes dropped, we restrict E-Services for you so that you can’t drop any more classes without asking permission. If your E-Services access is blocked like this you will have to petition us if you need to drop a class.

If you have questions, please make an appointment with your academic advisor. To petition for an exemption, submit the UHCL 6 DROP EXEMPTION DROP FORM and the necessary documentation to the Office of Academic Records. If you have reached the six-drop limit and wish to withdraw from all classes during the semester, please fill out the UHCL  6 DROP EXEMPTION WITHDRAWAL FORM.

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