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When and why should I talk to a transfer advisor?

Before starting college UHCL academic transfer advisers will be happy to sit down with you and go over different majors, the transfer process, our admissions requirements, and answer any other questions you may have.

In your first semester Beginning college can be an exciting and intimidating time. It is also a crucial time when you will be making decisions such as what major to pursue or what classes to take that will impact your future. UHCL’s academic transfer advisers can help make the transfer process as easy and painless as possible.

Before you reach 36 college credit hours You are eligible to join the UniLink program if you have not yet reached 36 credit hours. If you know you will be transferring to UHCL, UniLink is a program that will link you with a UHCL transfer adviser early on to ensure that all the courses you take will apply towards your intended major. Other benefits of the UniLink program include a waived application fee when you are ready to transfer, membership in student organizations and clubs, and a UHCL ID card that allows you access to our library. Simply set up an appointment to meet with a transfer adviser and bring a completed UniLink agreement form and a copy of your transcript.

If you are undecided If you are unsure about what major you want to pursue or if a certain major is right for you, a transfer advisor can suggest resources to help you look into possible majors and careers that are the right fit for you. One important tool that may help you in your quest to find a major or career is StrengthsQuest. StrengthsQuest is a strengths inventory that will help you determine your natural talents and how to apply them to various aspects of your life. If you are interested in finding out your top five strengths, please contact one of the transfer advisors and they can organize a StrengthsQuest session for you.

To find out how your credits transfer Some of the majors at UHCL require prerequisite courses that are not offered on campus. Prerequisites for majors in the business and science fields can be difficult to dissect. This can lead you to taking courses that you do not need for your major. A session with a transfer adviser can help you navigate your degree plan so that you do not have to take extra classes and help you reach your academic goals in a timely manner.

When you are ready to transfer Transfer advisers can help you determine when you are ready to apply to UHCL as a transfer student. Once you have been admitted, transfer advisers can also assist you in choosing courses for your first semester at UHCL.

These are primary ways that transfer advisers can help to make your transfer process as smooth as possible, but you are welcome to speak with the transfer advisers at any point in your college career. Transfer advisors are available at the UHCL campus or you can make an appointment to meet with one at your community college campus. To set up an appointment or see when a transfer advisor will be available on your campus, you can e-mail us at or visit our website at

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You’ve completed your first year of community college! What will you do next?

  • I am taking a break for the summer, will not be enrolled in any summer courses and I will get contact my adviser in August to figure things out.
  • I am taking a class during the first summer session. I have my degree plan on file and have discussed my fall class schedule with my college adviser.
  • I don’t know. HELP!!

No matter what your answer is, it’s ok. Continue reading to find out what you can do to be sure you’re on track.

  • Get with the Experts! As you continue to plan your academic career, meet with a University of Houston-Clear Lake Academic Transfer Adviser as well as your community college adviser to be sure you are on the right track at the community college. With one or two semesters under your belt now, UHCL’s UniLink Program is the perfect program to ensure that you are right on track to transfer. UniLink provides many benefits such as locking in a four year degree plan while at the community college as well as academic and career advising that guides participants through the transfer process. Visit to find out more about eligibility requirements and perks.
  • Be Proactive. Sign-up for a campus tour and visualize yourself completing your degree at University of Houston-Clear Lake. Like what you see? Admissions representatives are here to speak with prospective students, answer any questions you might have and talk to you more about the university. Try the following: 1. Schedule a campus tour at 2. Request to speak to a UHCL Transfer Adviser. 3. Bring transcripts with you (unofficial or official copies) and have them evaluated by a transfer adviser.
  • Still Undecided and Confused? No worries! There are offices at your college and at UHCL dedicated to providing you with the resources needed to be successful. If you haven’t decided on a major, the Office of Academic Transfer Advising offers StrenghtsQuest to students. StrenghtsQuest is an assessment that identifies your top five talents and provides you with strategies on how to use your talents in everyday life scenarios. Working closely with a transfer adviser you will learn how to apply those talents when choosing a major; identify study habits that complement your learning style and aid you in developing skills that will help you succeed in college.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help. UHCL transfer advisers and academic advisers are always happy to help. Transfer advisers are available to meet with you on a walk-in basis, by appointment or speak with you over the phone. You can schedule an appointment by calling 281-283-2500 or visit us at

Now that you have a clearer idea of where to start, take action and put your plan in motion. Remember, UHCL Academic Transfer Advisers are on campus year round to help you.

Have a great summer and ‘til next time!


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