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Lifetime Alumni Membership

UHCL Alumni Association - LifetimeHelp others live the dream of a college education - become a Lifetime Member of the UHCL Alumni Association.

Contributions for Lifetime Membership help fund one of the largest privately funded scholarships at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, the UHCL Alumni Association Scholarship Endowment. Lifetime membership not only benefits students, but provides additional ways to keep you connected to, and involved with, your university.

UHCL Alumni Association Lifetime Membership
With a one time contribution of at least $500, Lifetime members not only help build the dream, they also receive the following exclusive benefits in addition to the general alumni benefits:

  • Free parking in any open student lot with Lifetime member parking pass;
  • Library privileges at the Alfred R. Neumann Library;
  • UHCL e-mail account and access to campus computer labs;
  • Special invitations to select events.

If you are interested in becoming a Lifetime Member of the UHCL Alumni Association contact:

UHCL Alumni Association
Office of Alumni Relations
Phone: 281-283-2021

Marilyn Sims, '88"I became a Lifetime Member of the UHCL Alumni Association because I wanted to show my appreciation to the university for the enhancement my UHCL degree has made to my career. I also use it as a way to stay involved and connected to the university and the great programs it offers to our students, alumni and the community. It is gratifying to know a student may have the opportunity to advance their career through the scholarships granted by the UHCL Alumni Association from these Lifetime Membership contributions. A one-time contribution of $500 allows you to obtain additional benefits not already available to you with your automatic enrollment at graduation into the association. And, staying involved with the association and programs, like Lifetime Membership, is a great way to connect with other UHCL alumni." - Marilyn Sims, '88 B.S.

Current Lifetime Members

Jonathan Abston, '11
Elaine Adams, '00
Robert Altus, '90
Esther Anderson, '91
Joanne Ashland, '96
John Bailey, '80
Myrna Baker, '85
Richard Baker, '77
Karen Barbier, '93
John Benjamin, '83
Christopher Bezdek, '01, '05
Linda Brown, '00, '89
Danele Buehler, '80
Linda Bullock, '98, '96
Deana Burford, '00
Susan Callaway, '91
Kimberly Campbell, '87, '92
Patrick Lawrence Cardenas, '07, '09
Mary Carlisle, '91
Evon Collins, '83
Craig Cordola, '98
Martha Crossman, '83
J. Pamela Culpepper-Cronk, '80, '83
Cris Daskevich, '97
Emmeline Dodd, '80
Craig Domin, '85
Thomas Dougherty, '79
Anthony Evers, '95
Michael Fitzpatrick, '02
Steven Flurett, '97
Lee Folk, '00, '93
Roberto C. Garcia, '76
Sue Garman, '89
Helen Garriott, '80
M. Shawn Gault, '00
Jay Gazzier, '99
Lucille Gedies, '93
Estella Gillette, '86, '94
Glenn and Joyce Goerke, honorary
Marcie Goss, '77
Bruny Graves, '88, '89
Christopher Greenfield, '10

Gregory Gyomlai, '94
Charles Hall, Jr., '97
Jenifer Hammond, '96
Matthew Handy, community
Richard Hergert, '84
Teresita Hernandez, '80
Marjorie Jacobson, '84
Sandra Johnson, '82
David Kahn, '05
Stephen Kelley, community
Robert Kelly-Schleyer, '95
Margaret Kidd, '85, '08
Robert King, '05
Dawn Korman, '81
Michael Landolt, '85
Janice Larson, '84, '88
Jack Leavell, '80, '84
Matthew Legg, '99
Clare Leonard, '13
Carolyn Lightfoot, '90
Susan Link, '94
Danial Lokman, '05
Melissa Mares, '96
Alan Marsh, '03, '97
Shan Martin, '98
Marilyn Marx, '00
Thomas Mattes, '04
John McAuliffe, '92, '98
Debra McCracken, '88
Harold McCracken, '80
Nina McGlashan, '86
Dianne McGuire, '86
Alice McKay, '81
Hattie McKinley, '96
Tracy McKinley, '12
Leslye Mize, '80
Alex Monchak, Jr., '86, '84
Kevin Morgan, '01
Sandra Mossman, '87
Beverly Nashold, '94
Robert O'Bryan, '81
Michael Olson, '85

Gus David Oppermann V, '88
Scott Otto, '93, '06
Marjorie Pate, '90, '97
Frank Perez, '82
Rosalind Perez, '93
Theresa Presswood, '90
Heather Rarick, '92
Katherine Reeves, '98
Micheal Reeves, '77
Rebecca Reitz, '90
Robert Richmond, Jr., '89, '86
Michael Rodriguez, '81, '94
Charles Rosen, '88, '05, '08
Milan Saunders, '00
Mary Lou Shackleton, '98, '02
Rajesh Shethia, '01
William Shock, '03, '06
Marilyn Sims, '88
Amy Smith, '00, '03
Gregory Smith, '84
John Smith, '97, '06
Christopher Sower, '99
Russell Staley, '81, '07
Phil Stanch, '12
John Stanford, Jr., '80
Steven Steiner, '09
James Stewart III, '03, '07
Katherine Tamer, '77
Kathleen Tinch, '98
Josephine Tittsworth, '06
Paula Tomasi, '79
Mindy Tumlinson, '12
Diane Vest, '87
Mary Lee Wallace, '96
Pat Wilson, '79, '88
Ann Wismer-Landolt, '77
Mary Woldstad, '99
Jane Wood, '82
Kenneth Wood, '82
Rosalind Zawislak, '87


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