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Alumni Leadership and Involvement

Alumni Association Executive Council

UHCL's Alumni Association Executive Council members are appointed by the president of the university to serve a three-year term. The AAEC works with the Office of Alumni and Community Relations to lead the association's efforts to contact, engage, serve, empower and acknowledge UHCL alumni through meaningful services, events and outreach.

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We invite your involvement. For more information about how to get involved and AAEC meetings, contact the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, 281-283-2021 or

2015-16 AAEC Officers

Tracy McKinley, '12 BS
School of Education
Chair, 2015-16
Lifetime Member, UHCL Alumni Association
Joined AAEC: 2013

Tracy McKinley, '12 BSWhere were you born?
I was born and raised on the Southeast side of  Houston. I have made La Porte, Texas  my home for the last thirty-two years.

What brought you to UHCL?
I choose to attend UHCL due to the location of the university and the atmosphere of the campus. The location is close to home and the  atmosphere is that of a family: warm, inviting, friendly and safe.

Who was your favorite professor?
I have many favorite professors at UHCL. I  had the opportunity to form  relationships and experienced much growth as a pre-service teacher through Nancy  Wright, Dr. Kent Divoll, Norma Mintor and Dr. Lillian McEnery. However, I have to say that Dr. Randy Seevers  is at the top of the list. Dr. Seevers  care for all students is evident in his students’ successes, as he sets high goals and has great expectations  for the success of all students he works with. Creating a caring classroom environment and taking extra care to get to  know his students is of utmost importance to him.  I not only count Dr. Seevers as a great  professor, but I am also honored to count him as a friend.

Why do you serve as an AAEC member?
Plain and simple, I love UHCL. I loved being a student at UHCL. I loved the opportunities that attending UHLC  has given me to grow not only as a student, but also as a professional  teacher. Serving as an AAEC member will  give me the opportunity to share with others the positive experiences I have  had as a student while I worked toward my bachelor’s degree. I want to help those who are looking for a  college to see the many benefits of attending UHCL. Also, serving as an AAEC member will give me  the opportunity to give back to UHCL and the surrounding community in which I work and live.

Patrick Cardenas, '07 BS, '09 MA
School of Human Sciences and Humanities
Vice-Chair, 2015-16
Lifetime Member, UHCL Alumni Association
Joined AAEC: 2012

Patrick Cardenas, '07, '09Where were you born?
I was born in Beaumont, Texas. I moved to the Clear  Lake area when I was five year old and  consider Houston my hometown.

What brought you to UHCL?
I knew at a very young age that I wanted to attend  UHCL. My parents selected Clear Lake because of the distance between downtown  Houston where my father worked and Galveston where most of our extended family  lived at the time. I knew I wanted to stay close to home and I think of UHCL as  part of my home.

Who was your favorite professor?
I don’t think I have A favorite professor, but there  are two that stand out for me: Dr. Gloria  Pereira (I/O Psychology) and fellow alumnus Dr. Steven Cherry (Sociology). They are both very talented members in their field  and have contributed a lot to the university.

Why do you serve as an AAEC member?
I am honored to be a member of the Alumni Association  Executive Council. This university has taught me so much and has molded me into  the successful individual I am today. I am now given the opportunity to work  with other alumni representing many other fields. Together we will share our  experiences to prospective students, current students, graduates and members of  the community. It’s also very exciting to be a member of the AAEC during UHCL’s  historic transformation into a four-year institution.

What talent, ability or resource do you most hope to bring to AAEC service?
 Like the other members of the council, I hope that my  UHCL story will inspire others to consider attending the University of  Houston-Clear Lake. I am a strong believer in collaboration, which is the  ability I bring to the AAEC mission and the overall mission of the university.

Carla Bradley, '11 BA
School of Human Sciences and Humanities
Communications Officer
Joined AAEC: 2014

Patrick Cardenas, '07, '09Where were you born?
Clear Lake City, Houston, TX

What brought you to UHCL?
Even though I attended high school directly across the street from the university, it was positive word-of-mouth from my San Jacinto College newspaper classmates that helped persuade me to attend UHCL.

Who was your favorite professor?
Every professor in both the Communication & Digital Media Studies programs!

Why do you serve as an AAEC member?
I serve to encourage current students to look forward in becoming prideful UHCL Hawk alumni. I hope to inspire recent graduates to remain/become active AAEC volunteers and pay it forward.

What talent, ability or resource do you most hope to bring to AAEC service?
In talking directly with students and other alumni, my talents include showing pride and excitement for UHCL as well as building awareness of the Alumni Association.

Johnny Galaviz, '07 BBA
School of Business
Outgoing Chair, 2014-15
Joined AAEC: 2011

Johnny Galaviz, '07Where were you born?
I was born in Texas City and grew up in Alvin, Texas.

What brought you to UHCL?
The beautiful campus brought me to UHCL.

Who was your favorite professor?
Dr. Ken Black

Why did you serve as an AAEC member?
I am grateful for everything that UHCL has given me, so I wanted to give some of it back.

What talent, ability or resource do you most hope to bring to AAEC service?
I hope to inspire future students to attend UHCL and current UHCL alumni to become more involved with their alma mater.


2015-16 AAEC Members

Mark Andersen, ’07 MS
Carla Bradley, ’11 BA
Eva deCardenas, '90 BA
Tonia Britz, '01 BBA     
Coretta Duplessis, '14 MS     
Luci Fuller, '94 BS     
Randall Garcia, '98 BS, '96 MBA, '14 MHA
Brandy Gates, '98 BBA, '04 MBA
Veronica Kreuder-Longoria, '08 BA
Shawn McCann, '02 MA
Justin Medellin, '14 BS     
Madeline Nugent, '91 BBA
Hemanjan Padhy, '10 MS     
Amanda Schoolcraft ’11 MS
Jennifer Serrano, '14 MBA     
Nina Valverde, ’04 BBA
Vicki Villarreal Lenio, '92 BS, '03 MS
Fay Watson, '89 BS, '92 MS


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