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Wednesday, April 10, 2013
7-9 a.m.
UHCL, Bayou Building, Garden Room
$12 – UHCL alumni, students, faculty and staff; $15 – community members

Seating is limited. To reserve your seat in the conversation by phone, call Kris Thompson at 281-283-2040.

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Table Topics

Come Fly with Me: Beyond the Pan Am Adventures

Linda Bullock, '96 BS, '98 MA
Assistant Dean of Student Diversity, UHCL

Embark on a journey of adventure, world travel and excitement as UHCL alumna and Assistant Dean of Student Diversity Linda Bullock shares her story of a life lived fearlessly. From her days of mystique and glamour as a Pan Am flight attendant to her life as a Navy wife and travels throughout Europe that have filled five passports, Bullock will take you on a quest worthy of an adventure novel. She will share with you how courage, determination and a sense of adventure lead to the rewards that come from a life lived fearlessly.

Breaking the Cycle: Raising Children to Reject the Violence

Everette Penn
Associate Professor of Criminology, UHCL

The news reports of school shootings, bullying and peer-to-peer aggression are on the rise at an unprecedented level, leaving parents concerned about the influences their children are exposed to and how to guide them through these experiences. How does one raise a child to reject the violence when it’s seemingly everywhere? Associate Professor of Criminology and director of Teen And Police Service Academy ( Everette Penn will lead a discussion that will explore these trends and share his experiences working with at-risk youths to help break the cycles of violence.

Adapting Your Path to Success

Estella Hernández Gillette, '86 BBA, '94 MA
Consultant, Human Resources Management and Organizational Learning

Success is about setting goals and making the opportunities happen, rather than sitting idly by and waiting for them to happen. However, there are times you may have to deal with the unexpected and not let that derail you from your destination. Join alumna Estella Hernández Gillette in a conversation about her path from secretary to senior staff member at NASA Johnson Space Center, while earning her bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees along the way. Learn how identifying goals for yourself and knowing your organization can enable you to recognize and take advantage of opportunities on the path to your own success.

Asleep At Work: Surviving the Ever-Changing Workplace

Shawn McCann, '02 MA

You can have peace at work, be happier, calm and most of all, have a better understanding of why people act the way they do in the workplace. Wherever you may fall in the organizational chart, this discussion will help with reclaiming your goals and identifying obstacles and challenges to create a better CEO, director, manager and/or employee. Learn from UHCL alumnus Shawn McCann about the simplicity of resolving seemingly complex professional dilemmas by approaching solutions from your own personal core values and truths.

A Balancing Act: You Can Do It!

Sandra Mossman, '87 Mid-Management Certificate, '87 Supervisor Certificate
Retired Superintendent of Schools, Clear Creek Independent School District
2003 Distinguished Alumna

How do you balance your private and professional life and still feel good about it all? It doesn't just happen, but, as Stephen Covey says, "Keep(ing) the first things first" definitely helps define your actions. What in life is important to you? How does your family feel about your work? How do you maximize your opportunities for advancement on the job without sacrificing family time? What can you do to keep energized in both arenas? Alumna Sandra Mossman will lead this insightful conversation on how she was able to create that balance between a healthy private life and work world.

Mega-Churches, Methodists and Muslims:
New Trends in American Religion

Mike McMullen
Associate Professor of Sociology and Cross Cultural Studies, UHCL

UHCL Associate Professor of Sociology Mike McMullen will examine questions such as: What is the role of mega-churches in American religion, and how are examples like Lakewood Church and Pastor Joel Osteen challenging the 150 year old tradition of denominational identity? What is the impact of the drastic decline in membership in the so-called "mainline" denominations such as Methodists, Presbyterians and Lutherans mean for the vitality of churches, synagogues, mosques and temples for the children of baby boomers? And finally, Muslims now represent the largest non-Christian minority faith community in the U.S. — how are immigrant religious groups in general changing the religious landscape in the U.S.?

The Myths of Serial Murder

Steven Egger
Associate Professor of Criminology, UHCL

Myths and questions abound regarding the mind-set of serial murderers; myths and questions that involve their childhood, their appearance, the randomness of their actions and selection of their victims. Do these criminals get their inspiration from pornography? Do their victims resemble their mothers? Do they really want to be caught? Join Dr. Steven Egger in a discussion that will explore some of these myths which include their uncanny ability to elude the police, the media-driven profile of these killers and who investigates serial killers.

Lessons Learned: The Real Truth about Public Education

Greg Smith, '84 MS
Superintendent, Clear Creek Independent School District
2010 Distinguished Alumnus

Public education in Texas has come a long way since its inception in 1854, but in an era of advanced technology and global economy, where is it headed? Alumnus Greg Smith invites you to travel with him in conversation through his three decades of public education in warp speed with an eye on the future in creating a new vision for public education in Texas.

History in the Making: UHCL's First Freshman Class

William A. Staples
President, UHCL

UH-Clear Lake welcomes freshmen in fall 2014, marking the most significant development in UHCL’s history since opening for classes in the fall of 1974. But what does that mean for UHCL and the community? Are we building dorms? Will there be athletic teams? How will that affect our community college partners? Be a part of the conversation with President Staples that explores why UHCL is making this historic move forward and learn about the exciting changes that are in store.

How To: The Sweet Success of Your Small Business

Nina Valverde, '94 BA
Owner, Cosmo's Bakery & Deli

We are all dreamers at heart, but it takes hard work, faith and courage to go from daydreaming to doing. Alumna Nina Valverde made her dream a reality when she and her husband opened their own small business: Cosmo’s Bakery & Deli. Valverde will lead a conversation and inspire you to take that first step in opening the small business of your dreams and what is necessary, from concept to completion.

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