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Viewing Your Advisee Academic Requirements Report

After logging into E-Services, you can use the Advisor Center to view advisee degree progress. An advisor can track a student’s progress towards completion of their current academic program.

Steps Illustrations
1. Under the Learning Management section, Click on Faculty Center.
2. Click the Advisor Center tab at the top of the page.
3. The My Advisees page displays your assigned list of advisees. Click on View Student Details.
4. Under Academics, from the Other academic….drop down menu, select Academic Requirements and click on the Go button.
5. The Advisee Requirements page displays.

Use the collapse all or expand all buttons to restrict or expand your display.

If a requirement has been completed, it will automatically appear collapsed. This allows for you to have a quick view of any outstanding requirements since those will stay as expanded.

6. If all requirements have been met, the Requirement Group (RG) to which it belongs will also appear as Satisfied. The individual Requirements(RQ) will also appear as Satisfied.
7. If any requirement is not completed, the Requirement Group (RG) will appear as Not Satisfied. However, some of the individual Requirements (RQ) may show as Satisfied
8. The icons at the top of the report will appear in the Status field of the classes to designate if the class has been: Taken, In Progress, or Planned.
9. Click on Student Center to return to view other information.
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