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Submitting an Academic Success Referral (ASR)

After logging into E-Services, follow the steps below to submit an ASR to the Student Success Center.

Steps Illustrations
1. Under the Learning Management section, Click on Faculty Center
2. The Faculty Center displays your Teaching Schedule for the current semester automatically.
3. Click the Class Roster icon next to the class number.
4. Upon clicking the Class Roster icon, the roster will show and you will see the ASR button next to the student name on the roster. Click on the button.
5. You will be taken to a new page. You will need to enter the following prior to saving the form:
  1. Academic Difficulty: Choose from the drop down
  2. Have you discussed your concerns with the student: Select Yes or No
  3. Comments box available
  4. With Appropriate changes in the students behavior, can the student still earn a grade of C or better: Select from the drop down
  5. Current Grade: Enter current grade if you are able to assess.

Click on Save. Then Return.

6. Upon Saving, an email is sent to the Student Success Center for follow up and to notify them of the referral.
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