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Adding FERPA

After logging into E-Services, you as a student can make restrictions or no restrictions for FERPA.

Steps Illustrations
1. Under the Learner Services section, Click on Campus Personal Information.
2. Select Privacy Settings to view the section for the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Note: You can also see FERPA under the Addresses link on the Security page, as well and make changes there.

3. Under Security section of Privacy Setting it is noted:

Under the regulations defined by the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, you have chosen to restrict the following information from release.

Please note that unless otherwise indicated, this information will not be made available to any oral or written request nor will it appear in any publication.

4. Clicking the EDIT FERPA/DIRECTORY RESTRICTIONS button will allow you to view a list of Restriction Categories.

5. Note that when you choose to restrict the release of information, that information will not be released to any source, including publications such as telephone directories or other institutional publications.

6. When you have finished reviewing and making restrictions to the various categories you must SAVE your changes and then go back to check the changes made to be sure they are want you want.
7. Once you click the SAVE button you will receive Confirmation from the system about your changes.
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