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Firefighter Tuition and Laboratory Fee Exemption Program

If you are employed as a firefighter by a political subdivision of Texas, or are an active member of an organized volunteer fire department, and are enrolled in our B.S. in Public Service Leadership degree program, you may be eligible for a tuition and laboratory fee exemption. This exemption applies to selected course work.

In order to be considered for the exemption as a volunteer firefighter, you must:

Currently be, and for at least one year prior to your enrollment have been, an active member of an organized volunteer fire department participating in the Texas Emergency Services Retirement System or a retirement system established under the Texas Local Fire Fighters Retirement Act, and

  • Hold either
    • An accredited advanced level of certification (or the equivalent), under the State Firemen’s and Fire Marshals’ Association of Texas volunteer certification program, or
    • A Phase V (Firefighter II) certification (or the equivalent), under the Texas Commission of Fire Protection’s voluntary certification program under Section 419.071, Government Code.

Making Satisfactory Progress toward Your Degree

If you received your first exemption under this program during or after the Fall 2009 semester, you are also required, as defined by UHCL’s financial aid policy, to have demonstrated that you are making satisfactory academic progress toward your degree in order to be eligible for the exemption. If your first exemption under this program was granted prior to Fall 2009, and you have since been continuously enrolled in the Public Service Leadership program, you do not have to meet the satisfactory academic progress eligibility requirement.

Obtaining the Exemption

To apply for the exemption, you will need to submit the Firefighter Tuition Exemption Request Form to the Student Assistance Center at the Clear Lake Campus, the Office of Enrollment Services at the Pearland Campus, or via fax at 281-283-2406. Please submit your exemption form as soon as you register, so that if you are eligible for the exemption, the tuition and laboratory fee exemption waiver can be applied to your student account prior to the payment deadlines.

Notification of Award

Prior to the semester payment deadlines for Open and Late Registration, the Office of Academic Records will report via university email the status of your exemption request. If you receive an exemption, the Office of the Cashier will send you an email notice that your exemption has been applied to your student account.

What is Covered; What is not?

If you are eligible, your waiver will be applied toward the following types of tuition: undergraduate statutory tuition, designated undergraduate tuition, and differential designated undergraduate tuition for the School of Human Sciences and Humanities. Any laboratory fees associated with the eligible courses listed below will also be waived.

This waiver does not cover excess tuition charges accumulated through repeated or additional hours. You will be responsible for the payment of any tuition in excess of the regular tuition rate.

Changes to Your Class Schedule

To make changes to your class schedule after you have submitted an Exemption Request form, you will need to submit the Firefighters Add/Drop Form before the Late Registration payment deadline. Doing so will ensure that all waiver adjustments are accurately reflected in your student financial account.

To add or drop courses that are not listed on the Add/Drop form and therefore do not require a tuition waiver adjustment, you should contact the Office of Academic Records directly by email at For verification purposes, you must use your official UHCL email address when making this request and provide the specific information (e.g. name, section number, etc.) for the course(s) that you are requesting to change. During this process, you will not be able to make schedule adjustments through E-services. Your ability to add or drop courses through E-services will be restored shortly after the Late Registration payment deadline.

Course Listing Eligible for Exemption

  • FRAD 4238, PSLD 4238 or SOCI 4238 – Social Conflict or Mediation
  • FRAD 4433, PSLD 4433 or PSYC 4433 or SOCI 4433 – Public Service Management
  • FRAD 4434, PSLD 4434 or PSYC 4434 or SOCI 4434 – Public Service Leadership
  • FRAD 4435, PSLD 4435 or PSYC 4435 – Strategic Planning
  • FRAD 4436, PSLD 4436 or PSCY 4436 – Organizational Communication
  • FRAD 4437 or PSLD 4437– Management Issues in Diversity
  • FRAD 4438, PSLD 4438 or PSYC 4438 – Crisis Management
  • FRAD 4439- Ethics in Public Service Leadership
  • FRAD 4839 or PSLD 4839 - Independent Studies in Public Service Leadership
  • FRAD 4931 or PSLD 4931 - Special Topics in Public Service Leadership
  • COMM 3230 - Integrated Marketing and Communication
  • WRIT 3132 - Written Business Communication
  • PSYC 4631 - Research Design and Statistical Measurement I
  • PSYC 4632 - Research Design and Statistical Measurement II
  • PSYC 4730 - Behavioral Statistics
  • PSYC 4731 - Social Science Research Techniques
  • CRIM 4835 or SOCI 4835 - Research Methods
Firefighter Exemption Form
Are You a Texas Resident?
Exemption Program TEC.54.208
Firefighter Add/Drop Course Form

Student Assistance Center Main Campus Hours
Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Pearland Enrollment Services Hours
Mon - Thu: 8:00 am - 6:00 pm
Fri: 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

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