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Peace Officer Tuition and Laboratory Fee Exemption Program

If you are employed as a full-time or part-time Peace Officer by the state of Texas or one of its political subdivisions, and you are enrolled in our B.S. in Criminology degree program, you may be eligible for a tuition and laboratory fee exemption. This exemption applies to selected course work. If you are a volunteer Peace Officer you do not qualify for exemption.

Qualifying for the Exemption

In order to be considered for the exemption, you must:

  • Be making satisfactory academic progress toward your degree plan, as defined by UHCL’s financial aid policy.
  • Apply for the exemption no later than one week before the end of Open Registration for the semester or term.
  • Not have accumulated more than 150 semester credit hours while attending any Texas public community college or university where you paid resident tuition.
  • Submit Peace Officer Exemption Form no later than one week before the end of Open Registration. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for more information regarding registration deadlines.

Apply early to increase your chances of receiving the exemption

Per the Texas Education Code 54.208, no more than 20% of a given class may receive awards from the Peace Officer Exemption Program. This means that in a class of 10, for example, only 2 students can receive the exemption. When you submit a copy of the Peace Officer Exemption Request form to the Student Assistance Center at the Clear Lake campus, the Office of Enrollment Services at the Pearland campus, or via fax at 281-283-2406, the date and time of submission will be recorded. Requests for exemption will be placed according to the order in which they were submitted.

Notification of Award

Prior to the semester payment deadline for Open Registration, the Office of Academic Records will report via university email the status of your exemption request. If you receive an exemption, the Office of the Cashier will sent you an email notice that your exemption has been applied to your student account.

What is Covered; What is Not?

If you are eligible, your waiver will be applied toward the following types of tuition: undergraduate statutory tuition, designated undergraduate tuition, differential designated undergraduate tuition and laboratory fees associated with the courses listed below for School of Human Sciences and Humanities.

Changes to Your Class Schedule

To make changes to your class schedule after you have submitted an Exemption Request form, you will need to submit the Peace Officers Add/Drop form no later than one week before the last day of Open Registration. This deadline is important for two reasons: first, it allows us time to check for available waivers for the classes you have added, and second, it gives fellow Peace Officers the opportunity to receive the waivers for the classes you have dropped.

To add or drop courses, outside of Criminology or those listed on the form, and which do not require a tuition waiver adjustment, you should contact the Office of Academic Records directly by email at For verification purposes, you must use your official UHCL email address when making this request and provide the specific information (e.g. name, section number, etc.) for the course(s) that you are requesting to change. During this process, you will not be able to make schedule adjustments through E-services. Your ability to add or drop courses through E-services will be restored shortly after the Late Registration payment deadline.

Criminology Courses Eligible for Exemption Waivers

  • CRIM 3132 – Criminology
  • CRIM 3335 – Deviance
  • CRIM 4133 – Juvenile Delinquency
  • CRIM 4135 – The Death Penalty
  • CRIM 4330 – Criminal Investigation
  • CRIM 4331 – Prison and Society
  • CRIM 4332 – Social Problems and the Legal System
  • CRIM 4333 – Probation and Parole
  • CRIM 4334 – Criminal Law
  • CRIM 4335 – Race and Justice
  • CRIM 4337 – Organized Crime
  • CRIM 4338 – Policing and Society
  • CRIM 4839 – Independent Study in Criminology
  • CRIM 4930 – Contemporary Issues in Criminology
  • CRIM 4931 – Selected Topics in Criminology
Peace Officer Exemption Form
Are You a Peace Officer?
Are You a Texas Resident?
Exemption Program TEC.54.208
Peace Officer Add/Drop Course Form

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