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Frequently Asked Questions: General

What Type of Credit Will I Earn Through Professional Development Courses?

CAMP’s workshops & seminars are approved for professional development credits. The credits are nationally recognized units for non-credit academic professional development programs.

Nationally Recognized Credit Units Include:

  • Continuing Education Units – CEUs
  • CPA Continuing Professional Education hours – CPEs
  • Minimum Continuing Legal Education hours – MCLEs
  • ISM Continuing Education Hours – CEHs
  • PMI Professional Development Units – PDUs
  • Credits are awarded based upon hours of class time. You must successfully complete the course or courses to receive professional development credit. A record of nationally recognized credit units is maintained by the Center for Advanced Management Programs (CAMP).

Will I Receive a Grade or Take Tests?

No, you will not receive a grade or take tests. If you successfully complete a workshop & seminar, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. Tests are given only in specific courses in the CAMP Certificate Programs.

How Do I Register?

You may register for workshops & seminars in person, by phone, fax, email, online, or at the door. These methods of registration are available for early registration. There is no application process.

When Should I Register?

You should try to register as early as possible because many workshops & seminars are filled to capacity several weeks before their beginning dates. In most cases, you should try to register at least two weeks prior to the course beginning dates. Many programs are limited and competitive. Early registration is strongly recommended. Some workshops & seminars may be rescheduled unless sufficient enrollment exists two weeks prior to the course beginning.

What Does My Registration Fee Cover?

Your registration fee covers manuals, course materials, parking tokens, continental breakfast, lunch, refreshment breaks, and nationally recognized credit units. The exception to this policy are programs of short duration – four hours or less.

Who Can Enroll in Workshops & Seminars?

Anyone who can benefit from specialized programs.

Are Workshops & Seminars Taught by Live Presentation or Online?

All of CAMP’s workshops & seminars are taught live by subject matter experts. Courses are interactive with an excellent blend of lectures, discussions, case studies and experiential exercises.

Will My Company Tuition Assistance Programs Pay for Professional Development Programs?

Many company tuition assistance plans do cover continuing education courses which award nationally recognized credit units, such as CEUs. Some plans require that you pay first, then request/file for reimbursement. You need to check with your company’s tuition assistance coordinator for the specifics of your plan.

Are Workshops & Seminars Tax Deductible?

Current tax laws permit deductions for registration fee, travel, meals and lodging to maintain or improve professional skills. Consult a tax specialist for detailed information.

Do You Offer a Guarantee on Course Satisfaction?

Yes. If you are not 100% satisfied, we will refund your registration fee. We do ask, however, that you bring any problems you may have with courses to our attention and return the course materials by the last class day. It’s part of our commitment to provide you with the highest quality of programs.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Professional Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs are recognized by most employers as a significant academic accomplishment and can lead to new jobs as well as promotions for those who attain them. They are also typically more relevant and focused for today’s workforce than an academic degree and can be completed in a much shorter period of time.

CAMP’s Certificate Programs are presented by practicing professionals and emphasize real-world skills you can immediately apply in the workplace.

They Provide You With Many Benefits:

  • Training for a new career
  • Increase job skills to justify promotion
  • Obtain Professional or Continuing Education Units
  • Stay current in your profession
  • Network with other professionals
  • Prepare for qualifying career examinations
  • Obtain practical, up-to-date training
  • Explore a new career field

What is a CAMP Professional Certificate Program?

A Certificate Program offers you a concentrated field of study in a specific business discipline. The certificate itself demonstrates to your supervisor and peers that you have expanded your knowledge and skills. With new knowledge and skills you have also increased your value to your organization and opened doors to future career opportunities. It is a cost effective and efficient way to keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date.

How Many Classes Must I Take in a Certificate Program?

For a Certificate in Purchasing/Supply Chain Management you are required to complete three core courses and two electives. You may take your electives from a series of purchasing courses. This flexibility gives you the opportunity to tailor a program that best fits your personal and career goals.

The Certificate in Federal Acquisition & Contracting requires you to complete three core courses and three electives. Electives may be selected from a series of Federal Acquisition Management and Contracting courses and selected courses from the Certificate in Purchasing/Supply Chain Management Program.

The Master’s Certificate in Project Management is a university-level fast track program which includes six two-day courses and an optional seventh elective course. This program may be completed in as little as three months.

How Do I Enroll in a Certificate Program?

Formal application to the university is not required. Just complete a simple application for each Certificate Program and drop it off at the CAMP office, Room 2117, Bayou Building, or mail it to:

2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058.

How Do I Get a Copy of a Certificate Transcript from CAMP?

You can get your transcript by calling the CAMP office at 281-283-3121 or 281-283-3133 or e-mail us at A transcript will be issued after verifying the courses you have taken as well as the successful completion of all required exams. Not all of CAMP Certificate Programs require exams.

Do Classes I Have Already Taken for a Certificate Program Count Toward a Certificate?

Yes, provided the classes were taken through CAMP’s Certificate Program and they were not taken three years prior to the start of your program. All required exams must be successfully completed.

When I Have Completed the Certificate Requirements, Do I Need to Call the CAMP Office to Have My Certificate Issued?

Yes, please call us at any time. Once the verification process is completed, which ordinarily takes a day or two, we’ll call you to verify how you wish to have your name printed on your framed certificate. Shortly thereafter, your certificate will be mailed to your designated address or you may come to the CAMP office to pick up your certificate.

What if My Company is Paying for the Classes?

If your company is paying for the classes with a purchase order, be sure the PO accompanies the registration. If paying by company check, please mail the check and registration to:

The Center for Advanced Management Programs (CAMP)
2700 Bay Area Boulevard
Houston, TX 77058

If you have questions or need assistance registering a group, please call the CAMP office at 281-283-3121 or 281-283-3133.

Do Classes for the Certificate Count for Academic Credit?

Certificate Program classes do not count for academic credit at UHCL.

Do I Need to Buy Books for the Courses?

CAMP certificate courses include all the materials. There is no requirement to purchase textbooks or resource materials.

Where are Certificate Classes Held?

Classes are generally held on the UHCL campus, Bayou Building, 2700 Bay Area Boulevard. Certificate Programs may be offered on-site at your organization. Call 281-283-3122 for more information.

Is There Parking Available?

Free parking is available in Parking Lot R, across the street from the Bayou Building. Parking tokens will be issued to you every time you attend class.

How Will a Professional Certificate Help My Career?

Updating job skills or knowledge, seeking promotion or considering a career change, the completion of a Certificate Program documents a specific curriculum of study and emphasizes your commitment to professional improvement.

How Long Does it Take to Complete a Certificate Program?

The core courses and elective courses vary with each certificate. Refer to individual Certificate Programs for complete details.

May I Take Courses Without Being Enrolled in a Certificate Program?

Yes, for some Certificates you may take courses individually or as part of the Certificate Program fulfillment requirements. In some cases, you must submit an application and pay an application fee for the Certificate Program.

If I Can’t Take All of the Courses in a Certificate Program at one Time, Will They Be Offered Again in the Future?

Yes, many core courses and electives in each Certificate Program are offered periodically throughout the year.

Are the Certificate Courses Tax Deductible?

Current tax law permits deductions for tuition, books, supplies and similar items, as well as certain travel and transportation costs incurred to maintain and improve professional skills. Consult a tax specialist for detailed information.

Certificate programs are an ideal way to gain career expertise or move into a new career field. For more information on Professional Certificates, please call 281-283-3121 or 281-283-3133.

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