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Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by current/continuing UHCL student?

Students who are currently taking classes at UHCL or have taken classes at UHCL in the past and are coming back to complete a degree or begin a new degree plan. Tip: If you plan to come back in the fall 2014/spring 2015 academic year, but are not sure in which semester you will return, apply for scholarships anyway.

Hint: If you are awarded a scholarship and you cannot attend school for any part of the academic year, please notify the Office of Student Financial Aid at

How many letters of recommendation should I include with my application?

Letters of recommendation are not required unless a specific scholarship you are applying for indicates that you must submit a recommendation letter. Your recommendation letter must include the letter writer’s contact information.

Can I include letters of recommendation if I have them?

No. Do not include letters of recommendation unless one is required.

Tip: If a letter of recommendation is required it will be noted under "Additional Documentation" which is listed in the criteria section for each scholarship. If a letter of recommendation is required, you may upload as directed.

This is my first semester at UHCL, what about transcripts from my previous schools?

Do not turn in any transcripts unless they are specifically required under Additional Documentation. Selection Committees can obtain your transfer and current GPA information.

What should I put on my achievement list?

Honors and awards, community service, campus activities, affiliations & organizations, offices held in organizations.

Tip: Do not use acronyms. Spell out the name of the organization or affiliation. You may write a sentence stating what you accomplished during your service. Include dates of service and how many hours you served per week, or per month. You may include leadership activities.

Hint: There is no special format for the Achievement List. I suggest a bullet format that is easy to read.

What do I list if I have not been active in my community or campus within the last three years.

If you only have achievements prior to the last three years, list those accomplishments.

Tip: You may include degree(s) completed, part time or full time employment, child care (your own children or other’s).

Hint: Service for your campus or community does not have to be done on a large scale to qualify for this list. Volunteerism performed on a small scale or short term, (one day or part of one day) may be included on the list.

Do I need to include certificates for community service or honors?

Tip: Do not include any documentation that is not required.

Hint: Each application allows a limited amount of space for documents. If you include documents that are not required you may not be able to upload the documents which make you eligible for a scholarship.

Your Achievement List must be valid. Do not include anything which you did not earn or participate in.

Do I have to be a full time student to apply for scholarships?

Some scholarships do require full time. For most others a minimum of 6 hours is required for undergraduates and a minimum of 3 hours for graduate students.

Tip: Full time for graduates is 9 hours per semester; full time for undergraduates is 12 hours per semester.

How do I attest to my leadership?

Tip: If you don’t have room in your essay, include leadership activities on your Achievement List.

Hint: You may want to mention leadership in your essay, but put the specifics on your Achievement List.

Several scholarships ask for a list of leadership activities or an essay on leadership under Additional Documentation.

What should I write about for the Personal Statement?

Several suggested topics:

  • Education and career goals
  • Area of study and why it is interesting to you
  • Obstacles that you have overcome
  • How a scholarship will help you attain your goals
  • Why you deserve a scholarship

Tip: You may want to use more than one topic for your personal statement. Your statement should be upbeat. Even if you choose to write about obstacles that you have overcome, you are in college now! Tell a positive story about yourself. It should be interesting, every word should be spelled correctly and perfect grammar should be used. This may be the most important part of your scholarship application.

Hint: Use the writing center. You will need to make an appointment. Their phone number is (281) 283-2910.

They will not write your paper for you, but they can guide you toward improving what you have already written.

Hint: Have a friend proof your personal statement. Are there any misspelled words? Does it flow from beginning, middle and then to the end? Is there a point to your paper?

What about Additional Documentation?

Some scholarships require an extra essay. Don’t reinvent the wheel; expand on what you have already written for your personnel statement or use a part of it. Most additional documentation requires a one page essay or a brief paragraph.

Hint: There several scholarships within SoE and BUS that require identical additional essays. You may use the same essay but you must upload for each scholarship for which it is applicable.

Why do I need to file an online FAFSA? Do all the scholarships take financial need into consideration?

About 50% of the scholarships use financial need as a criterion. All U.S. citizens and permanent residents are encouraged to file an online FAFSA as part of the application process. If a scholarship lists financial need as a criterion, only students with a 2014-2015 FASFA on file will be considered.

Tip: You may not think that you have any financial need, but in this competition you could be more needy that the other qualified applicants.

Hint: Filing an online FAFSA will not hinder your chance of getting an award. Almost all students who file a FAFSA are offered loans. You may not need a loan now, but just in case you need one later in the semester the money will be available for you. You do not have to take the full amount offered. You should take only the loan amount you need to get yourself though the semester. Remember, you must pay back your loan money!

Will my UHCL spring 2014 grades be used to judge my scholarship application?

Yes. Final selections will not be made until spring grades are posted.

Tip: UHCL Spring 2014 grades for all scholarship applicants will be evaluated by the selection committees.

Hint: Make good grades!!

Who sits on the scholarship selection committees?

It varies from school to school. There may be one committee with faculty only. Other committees may include advisors. Some schools have committees for different majors. The committee members change each year.

Tip: All essays are read and rated by staff, faculty, advisors and possibly even administration. There is no guarantee that the person reading your personal statement knows you.

Hint: Your personal statement should reflect your views, ideas, success and expectations.

How much money is awarded?

Tip: It is possible to receive less than $1,000 and it is possible to receive more than $1,000.

Hint: The selection committees decide how much to award based on the funding available and the number of qualified applicants.

Tip: If you would like your award to be split in a different manner than indicated on your award letter, you may specify your request on your terms and conditions form. The form is sent to all recipients.

Can I defer my scholarship?

It must be used within the academic year it was awarded. In some instances, particularly in the School of Education, a scholarship will be forfeited if it is not used for the specified semester(s).

Tip: The academic year is fall 2014, spring 2015 and summer 2015.

Can you provide some insights of the basic scholarship selection process?

Selection committees at the school level (Education, Business, Human Sciences/Humanities and Science/Computer Engineering) meet between March and May. The recipient names they select are provided to the chairperson of the General Scholarship Selection Committee. The General Committee then convenes and makes every effort to award deserving students who have not been awarded at the school level. Each recipient must meet the criteria of the scholarship they are awarded. It is possible for one student to be awarded more than one scholarship. It is our intent to award a valuable scholarship to as many deserving students as possible.

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