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Guidelines for UHCL Hawk Mascot Logos

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UHCL Hawk Logos

UHCL Hawk logos may be used by students, faculty or staff on university materials. Variations of approved UHCL Hawk logos will be available for download on the UHCL logo website. The mascot logos with typography, shown below, are the preferred versions of the UHCL Hawk logo. The two versions of the UHCL Hawk logos are the Flying Hawk and the Hawk Head. There is no preference in which logo below is used. The UHCL Hawk logo is not a replacement logo for the established UHCL block-and-name logo.

Colors for the UHCL Hawk logos:
PMS 307 (blue), PMS 354 (green) and PMS 130 (gold)
RGB = 0-125-180 (blue), 0-176-90 (green) and 253-185-19 (gold)
CMYK = 100-16-0-27 (blue), 80-0-90-0 (green) and 0-30-100-0 (gold)

Using the UHCL Hawk Logo

The UHCL Hawk logo should always be used without any modification to its color, ratio or cropping. This will allow the mascot to most effectively become a signature image of the university. Examples of this are included later in these guidelines.

The UHCL Hawk logo with typography is the preferred logo, though the UHCL Hawk logo without typography can be used following the criteria below:

For Internal Audiences: The UHCL Hawk logo with typography can be used on internal publications without including an additional reference to the university’s name or the UHCL signature line logo. The UHCL Hawk logo without typography can be used on publications for internal audiences, but the publication must also include the university’s name or signature line logo. These guidelines apply to printed publications and promotional items such as cups, pens or give-away items.
For External Audiences:
The UHCL Hawk logo with typography can be used on external publications but the publication must also include the university’s name. The UHCL Hawk logo without typography can be used on external publications only when those publications include the UHCL stacked logo or the UHCL signature line logo. These guidelines apply to printed publications and promotional items. All publications, regardless of audience, should be sent to the Office of Communications for review at least three business days before the finalized file is needed.

Additional Variations of the UHCL Hawk Logo

The 4-color version of the UHCL Hawk is the preferred version, but there are other acceptable options, with and without typography. The graphics below are shown without the typography. In addition to the versions below, there is an all-white version.


The UHCL Hawk logos with typography file include the UHCL acronym in the file. The letters should never be separated, placed in a different font, re-colored or manipulated in any other way. The UHCL acronym is also the only typography permitted to appear as part of the UHCL Hawk logo. The typography should never be moved above the hawk art or to the sides.

Logo Placement Guidelines

The UHCL Hawk logo, regardless of which version is being used, should never be cropped, stretched or tilted at an angle. There should be a clear space around the logo, with the minimum clear space equal to the height of the word “HAWKS.” An even larger clear area is recommended when possible. No words, photos or graphic elements should overlap into this area of empty space or be incorporated into the logo. The facing direction of the logo should never be reversed. The colors of the logo files should not be altered.

When placing the UHCL Hawk logo on a colored background, light colors will work best because they provide the greatest amount of contrast; however, placement of the logo is not restricted to light-colored backgrounds. The logo should never appear on a patterned background. A colored stroke should never be placed around the logo, even if doing so would make the black areas stand out against a dark background. If the black areas of the logo do not stand out against the background color, select a lighter background color.

Below are examples of how not to use the UHCL Hawk logo.


Logo Placement Guidelines

The UHCL Hawk was chosen to represent the university after an extensive five-phase mascot search process that began in fall 2010. The final selected artwork, unveiled in 2012, reflects input from students, alumni, faculty, staff and the community. The hawk serves as an excellent representation of the university, reflecting the natural beauty of our campus, the historical relationship to the UHCL Alumni Association’s hawk logo from the 1980s, and the characteristics desirable for our mascot, such as courageous, dynamic, spirited and adventurous. Currently, the hawk does not have a name, but the university will be working to develop a moniker during the next year. Until that time, the mascot should only be referred to as the UHCL Hawk.

For Questions about UHCL Hawk Logo Usage

If you have questions about the UHCL Hawk logos, please contact For approval of placement of the UHCL Hawk logo in a publication, please contact the Office of Communications at 281-283-2015 or visit Bayou Building, Suite 2519.

Mascot Art Files

The mascot art files are available in a variety of digital formats (AI, EPS, JPEG and TIFF) that can be downloaded to your computer. The images shown on this page are low-resolution images that may be used on the Web but are not suitable for print projects. Logos for print projects are available for downloading via the zip files on this page. The logos can then be imported into word processing and page layout programs.

*When downloading these files, either select Save from the pop-up menu or right click on the file name and select Save Target As.

Black and Grayscale Logos Color Logos



Two Color (PMS 307 and Black)

Spot Color (PMS 307, PMS 354, PMS 130 and black)

Mascot Spot Color Logo Files

Four Color (Process Colors)


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