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UHCL Policies, Procedures and Forms

System PolicyUHCL PolicyProcedures & Forms
A. General
Equal Employment OpportunityEqual Employment Opportunity
Affirmative Action
Sexual Misconduct Policy Formal Complaint Questionnaire
Discrimination & Harassment Policy Formal Complaint Questionnaire
Discipline & Dismissal of Regular Staff Discipline & Dismissal of Regular Staff EmployeesDiscipline Procedures
Employee Relations, Grievances & AppealGrievance & Appeal for Non-Faculty EmployeesGrievance & Appeal for Non-Faculty
Reduction in Force of Regular Staff EmployeesReduction in Force of Regular Staff EmployeesReduction in Force of Regular Staff Employees
Consulting & Paid Professional ServicesConsulting & Paid Professional Services
Conflict of Interest
Disclosure of Related Party Interest
Staff Performance AppraisalsPerformance AssessmentPerformance Assessment Document
Recruitment, Job Posting & Selection of Staff Employees Recruitment, Job Posting & Selection of Staff Employees
Promotion & Transfer of StaffPromotion, Demotion & Transfer of Staff
Probationary Period for Regular Staff EmployeesProbationary Period for Regular Staff Employees
Hours of Work Hours of Work
Employees & Independent Contractors Employees & Independent Contractors
Termination Clearance Guidelines Terminal Clearance
Employee Development Training UHCL Training Program
Ethical Conduct of Employees
Access to & Maintenance of Staff Personnel FilesPublic Access to Personnel Files
Labor Unions
Employment of Foreign National
Type of Staff Employment Type of Staff Employment
Search Committees
New Staff Orientation and ProcessingNew Staff Orientation and Processing
Background Checks for Employees
Political Aid & Legislative Influence
Staff Attendance & Punctuality Staff Attendance & Punctuality
Workplace Violence
American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
AIDS Policy
Drug & Alcohol Abuse Prevention
Open Records
Smoking Policy
Campus Program for Minors
Social Media Policy
E-Mail Retention
Use of Electronic Messaging Services by Employees
B. Compensation
Classification of Staff Jobs
Overtime and Compensatory TimeOvertime and Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Staff Employees
Employee Time and Effort ReportingEmployee Time and Effort Reporting
Salary Guidelines for Non-Faculty PersonnelUHCL Staff CompensationSalary Guidelines for Non-Faculty Personnel
Authorized Categories of Non-Exempt Compensation Ride Out Crews
Fair Labor Standards (FLSA)Fair Labor Standards (FLSA)Fair Labor Standards (FLSA) Definitions
Hazardous Duty Pay
Shift DifferentialShift DifferentialShift Differential
C. Fringe Benefits
Employee Benefits Program
Supplemental Retirement Programs
Mandatory Retirement Programs
Group Insurance
D. Leave Entitlements
Vacation and Sick LeaveVacation and Sick LeaveVacation and Sick Leave
Sick Leave Pool
Leaves of Absence
Family and Medical Leave Family and Medical Leave
Parental LeaveParental Leave
Expert Witness Services
Emergency Closing
E. Miscellaneous Benefits
Staff Service AwardsStaff Service and Performance Awards
Employee Health Fitness and Education
Reasonable Workplace Accommodations for Employees with Disabilities

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