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For more information contact:
Dr. Scott McIntyre
Associate Professor of Psychology

(281) 283-3428
B1508 277

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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

What is Industrial/Organizational Psychology?

Industrial/Organizational Psychologists apply the principles of behavioral science to understanding and solving problems people encounter at work. I/O psychologists work to build better organizations though people. The I/O Psychologist uses hiring practices, training programs and feedback systems to improve the performance and well-being of the organizations employees. They work with a variety of issues ranging from change management, motivation, diversity, employee selection, training and development, leadership, performance appraisals, and organizational development. I/O psychologists also work in a variety of industries, organizations, and in the public and private sectors.

Program Objectives

The objectives of the M.A in Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology program at UCHL are to offer a two-year terminal degree that prepares students to contribute to an organization's success by improving the performance and well-being of its employees. The program will provide students with a balance of the industrial and organizational areas of I/O psychology. Students will learn about individual differences, their assessment and evaluation as well as organizational theories and interventions. The program follows that scientist/practitioner model providing students with knowledge of psychological theories and principles and how those principles apply to problem solving in organizations. The program prepares students to work in Human Resource departments, consulting, as well as entry into I/O doctoral programs.

For more information on the I/O degree please contact Dr. Scott McIntyre

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UHCL offers a Master of Arts in I/O Psychology. The I/O Psychology degree is a very popular program and we admit about 15-20 students per year. Our students are successful in finding jobs in areas of Training, Organizational Development, Management Development, and Human Resources. Our program caters to students that work full time. Most of our classes are offered once a week on a 4-7 or 7 – 10 pm schedule.

The degree plan has 8 core classes (24 hours):

  • PSYC 6036: Res Design and Stat I
  • PSYC 6734: Assessment in Industry
  • PSYC 6037: Res Design and Stat II
  • PSYC 5331: Personnel Psychology*
  • PSYC 5332: Organizational Psychology
  • PSYC 6538: Performance Appraisal & Feedback
  • PSYC 5537: Prof Issues in I/O Psych
  • PSYC 5334: Change and OD


You may select 12 hours of approved electives. You may then choose between doing a thesis, project, internship or a course option which has 9 hours of classes. Most of the courses are offered at the UHCL campus, but some electives may be taken online.



Applicants interested in applying to the MA degree in Industrial /Organizational Psychology should fulfill the following requirements:

  1. The expectation is that the GPA over the last 60 hours will be at least a 3.0. Submit official transcripts from all institutions attended.


2. All applicants must take the GRE. The expectation is that GRE scores will be: Verbal score of 146 (380 on tests taken prior to August 2011) and a Quantitative score of 146 (540 on tests prior to August 2011). The scores cannot be more than five years old.


3. Coursework Requirement

  • must have at least 12 hours of upper level undergraduate courses consisting of 3 hours of Introduction to Statistics and
  • 9 hours of any combination of Psychology, Management, Sociology, or Anthropology

If some of these courses have not been taken, you are still eligible to apply if all other expected requirements are met, but would be required to take these prerequisite classes while enrolled.

4. CV/resume- Statement of Purpose describing previous education, work experience, relevant coursework, relevant volunteer activities, any honors, published papers or other relevant life experiences. Also include why you are interested in I/O Psychology and why you are interested in our program. Include any additional information you want us to know about. The statement should be up to 1000 words.


All transcripts and GRE scores should be sent to the Admissions Office. The statement of purpose should be sent to:

I/O Psychology Admissions Committee
University of Houston-Clear Lake
Box 24
2700 Bay Area Blvd.
Houston, TX 77058


Beginning fall 2015 the I/O Program will admit only once a year in the fall semesters. 

Beginning spring 2015, applications will be accepted between Dec 10, 2014 and February 15, 2015 for review.  Applicants have the responsibility to ensure that their application for UHCL admission, GRE scores, and all transcripts are received by both the Admissions Office and the I/O Admissions Committee by the deadline. In addition to the documents required by the Admissions Office, all required documents must also be submitted in one envelope directly to the I/O Admissions Committee between the Dec. 10 and the Feb 15 deadline.  Applicants will be notified of admission decisions usually by the end of April.

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