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Academic Search Complete   1800's - present. Selected fulltext & full image      about     guide texshare icon
Accounting & Tax   about     guide
ACM Digital Library   1985 - Present. Primarily fulltext     about     guide
ACS Publications   1879-present. Primarily fulltext     about     guide
AEA Online Journals (American Economic Association)   1999-present. Primarily fulltext     about
Agricola (EBSCO)   1970 - present (books, etc.) & 1979 - present (articles, etc.). Index & abstract     about     guide
Agricola (NAL Catalog)   1970 - present (books, etc.) & 1979 - present (articles, etc.). Index & abstracts     about internet icon
AHFS Consumer Medication Information    about      guide texshare icon
Alexander Street Counseling   about
Alexander Street Video   about
Alt Health Watch    about      guide texshare icon
America: History and Life   1964 - present; Index with selected abstracts and fulltext links     about     guide
American FactFinder   Fulltext     about internet icon
American Indian Histories and Cultures   about texshare icon
American Periodicals   about     guide
American State Papers   1789-1838     about     guide
The American West   about texshare icon   Fulltext     about internet icon
Applied Science Full Text   1983 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
Applied Science & Technology Source   1983 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
APS (American Physical Society) Journals   about     guide
ArchiveGrid    about
Art Full Text   1984 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
Art Source   1984 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
ArticleFirst   1990 - present. Index with library holdings information     about     
Arts & Humanities Citation Index see Web of Science 
ASM Journals (American Society for Microbiology)   about
AtoZdatabases (Business & Marketing)   about
Bibliography of Native North Americans      about     guidetexshare icon
Biography & Genealogy Master Index       Index  about
Biological Abstracts (EBSCO)     1969 - present  Index & abstracts, with selected fulltext links  about   guide
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus       1982 - present  Selected fulltext & full image  about   guide
BioMed Central     Selected fulltext & full image  about  internet icon
BioOne     2000 - present  Fulltext  about   guide
BioOne Abstracts & Indexes     about   guide
Book Review Digest Plus     about   guide TEXASICON.GIF
Books 24x7     about
Books in Print     about
Britannica     Fulltext  about
Business Abstracts with Full Text     Selected fulltext & full image about  guide
Business Full Text see Business Abstracts with Full Text
Business Insights: Global       1965 - present  Selected fulltext & full image  about  guide  
Business Source Complete       1965 - present  Selected fulltext full image  about  guide  texshare icon
Business Source Premier see Business Source Complete
Cabell's Directories of Publishing Opportunities   about
CAMIO (Catalog of Art Museum Images Online)   about
Catalog of U.S. Government Publications   1994 - present  Index     about internet icon
Checkpoint    about not available off campus icon
Chicago Manual of Style about
Children's Core Collection   1996 - present Index, with summary of reviews     about     guide
Children's Literature Comprehensive Database   about     guide
Children's Literature Review   about
Chronicle of Higher Education   about
CiteSeer (Computer Science)   about internet icon
Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies   about internet icon
CollegeSource (College Catalogs)   Fulltext & selected full image     about
Communication & Mass Media Complete   1915-present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
Computer Source   Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide Texshare
Congressional Record   1995 - present Fulltext     about internet icon
Congressional Record Index   1983 - present Index     about internet icon
Contemporary Authors   Fulltext     about     guide Texshare
Contemporary Literary Criticism   Fulltext     about     guide Texshare
Counseling and Psychotherapy Transcripts, Client Narratives & Reference Works   about
Counseling & Therapy in Video is now Alexander Street Counseling
Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text   Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
Criminology: SAGE Journals   about
Database of Award-Winning Children's Literature   about internet icon
Dictionary of Literary Biography   Fulltext     about     guide Texshare
Digital Microfilm   about
Directory of Open Access Journals  internet icon
Discovery Texas  internet icon  about
Dissertations & Theses A&I   1861 - present Index & selected abstracts; 24-page preview (1997- present)     about   guide
Dissertations & Theses @University of Houston-Clear Lake   1995 - present Full text of UH-Clear Lake theses     about   guide
Early Republic   1789-1791    about      guide
Ebook Collection (EBSCOhost)    Fulltext books      about
Ebrary    Fulltext books      about
EBSCO Databases   about     guide
EconLit with Full Text   about     guide
Economia y Negocios   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
EdITLib (Education & information Technology Library)   Fulltext     about
Education: SAGE Journals   about
Education Full Text   1983 - present Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
Education in Video   about
Education Research Complete   about     guide
Education Source   about     guide
Educational Administration Abstracts   about     guide
efunda (Engineering Fundamentals)   about
Eisenhower Papers    about      guide
Electronic Collections Online (OCLC)   1995 - present Index, with library holdings information     about
Emerald Emerging Markets Case Studies   2011 - 2012   about
Encyclopedia Britannica is now Britannica
Environment Abstracts   about     guide
ERIC (AskERIC) ceased December 19, 2003. For AskERIC lesson plans, see Gateway to Educational Materials and Educator's Reference Desk
ERIC (EBSCO)   1966 - present. Index & abstracts, with fulltext of ERIC Digests and selected fulltext of journal articles (EJ); library has selected fulltext of ERIC documents (ED) in microfiche     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
ERIC (ProQuest)   1966 - present. Index & abstracts, with fulltext of ERIC Digests and selected fulltext of journal articles (EJ); library has selected fulltext of ERIC documents (ED) in microfiche     about    guide
ERIC (U.S. Department of Education)   1966 - present. Index & abstracts, with fulltext of ERIC Digests; library has selected fulltext of ERIC documents (ED) in microfiche     about internet icon
Essay & General Literature Index   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
ETS Test Link (Educational Testing Service)   Index & selected abstracts (1914-present); library has selected fulltext in microfiche (1975 - present)     about  guide internet icon
European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750     about
Federal Digital System (FDsys)internet icon
Federal Register       1995 - present. Fulltext    about  internet icon
FedFlix    about  internet icon
Films on Demand     about
Fuente Academica     about   guide TEXASICON.GIF
Funk & Wagnalls New World Encyclopedia    about  TEXASICON.GIF
Gale Literary Databases     about     guide
Gale Virtual Reference Library      about
Gartner     Primarily fulltext; for UHCL students, faculty, and staff only.      about
Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM)     Primarily fulltext       about internet icon 
General Science Full Text     about       guide
Google Book Search     internet icon
Google Scholar      internet icon
GPO Monthly Catalog    internet icon
GPO Monthly Catalog (OCLC )      1976 - present. Index, with selected fulltext links and library holdings information.      about
GreenFILE      about   guide
Handbook of Texas internet icon
Health Reference Center - Academic   1980 - present. Primarily fulltext     about  TEXASICON.GIF
Health Source: Consumer Edition   Selected fulltext & full image     about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
Health Source: Nursing / Academic    Selected fulltext & full image     about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
Henry Stewart Talks: The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection    Video     about
HeritageQuest   Full image     about TEXASICON.GIF
Historical Abstracts with Full Text   Selected fulltext     about     guide
Hobbies & Crafts Reference Center    about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Home Improvement Reference Center    about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Hoover's   Selected fulltext     about
Houston Chronicle   1985 - present. Fulltext     about
Humanities Full Text   1984 - present. Selected fulltext     about     guide
Humanities Source   1984 - present. Selected fulltext     about     guide
IEEE Xplore Digital Library   Fulltext     about     guide
Information Science & Technology Abstracts   Index & abstracts, with selected fulltext links     about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
Ingenta   1988 - present. Index, with selected abstracts and fulltext links     about
INSPEC   1969 - present. Index with selected fulltext     about     guide
Internet and Personal Computing Abstracts   Index & abstracts, with selected fulltext links     about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
IOPscience (Institute of Physics)   Selected fulltext     about     guide
Job & Career Accelerator   Requires creation of free personal account   about TEXASICON.GIF
Journal Citation Reports Web   Science Edition and Social Sciences Edition 2005-present     about
Journals List, UHCL   guide
JSTOR   Fulltext & full image     about
Key Business Ratios (Dun & Bradstreet)   about
Kluwer Online Journals (Springer / Kluwer) is now SpringerLink
LearningExpress Library   Requires creation of free personal account   about TEXASICON.GIF
Legal Collection   about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
LexisNexis Academic   Primarily fulltext     about     guide
LexisNexis Congressional is now ProQuest Congressional
LexisNexis Environmental is now Environment Abstracts
LexisNexis Statistical Insight is now ProQuest Statistical Insight
Library of Texas is now Discovery Texas
LISTA Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts   about
Literary Reference Center   about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
Literature Resource Center   Fulltext     about TEXASICON.GIF
Magill's Literary Annual (Salem Literature)   about
MagPortal   1999 - present  Fulltext     about internet icon 
MAS Ultra - School Edition    Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
MasterFile Premier   1984 - present    Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
MathSciNet   Index     about
MedicLatina   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Medline (EBSCO)   Index, with selected abstracts and fulltext links     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Medline (OCLC FirstSearch)   Index, with selected abstracts and library holdings information     about
Mental Measurements Yearbook   about     guide
Middle & Junior High Core Collection   about     guide
Middle Search Plus   about  guideTEXASICON.GIF
Military & Government Collection   about  guide TEXASICON.GIF
MLA International Bibliography (Modern Language Association)   1963 - present. Index & selected fulltext     about     guide
MLA Directory of Periodicals   about     guide
NAL Catalog (AGRICOLA)   1970 - present (books, etc.) & 1979 - present (articles, etc.). Index & abstracts     about internet icon 
National Criminal Justice Reference Service Abstracts   1940 - present. Abstracts & selected fulltext     about 
Natural & Alternative Treatments   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
NetLibrary is now Ebook Collection (EBSCOhost)
New York Times (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)   1851-2008. Fulltext & full image     about     guide
Newspaper Source   Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
NLM Gateway (National Library of Medicine)   Index & selected abstracts     about internet icon
NTIS (National Technical Information Service)   Index & selected abstracts     about internet icon  
OmniFile Full Text Mega   Selected fulltext & full image      about     guide
Oxford African American Studies Center   about
Oxford English Dictionary   about
PapersFirst   1993 - present Index     about
Physical Review - All Online is now APS (American Physical Society) Journals
PILOTS (Published International Literature On Traumatic Stress)   Index     about
Play Index   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Popline (POPulation information onLINE)   1970 - present. Index & selected abstracts     about internet icon
Primary Search   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
ProceedingsFirst    1993 - present. Index.     about
Professional Development Collection (Education)   Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Project Euclid (Mathematics & Statistics)    about
Project Muse Electronic Journals   1994 - present. Fulltext & selected full image     about
ProQuest Congressional   Selected fulltext; library also has selected fulltext in microfiche     about     guide
ProQuest Databases   Selected fulltext; library also has selected fulltext in microfiche
ProQuest History Vault   about     guide
ProQuest Statistical Abstract of the U.S.   Fulltext     about     guide
ProQuest Statistical Insight    1973 - present. Selected fulltext; library also has selected fulltext in microfiche     about     guide
PsycARTICLES   1894 - present. Fulltext     about     guide
PsycBOOKS   1806 - present. Fulltext      about     guide
PsycEXTRA   about     guide
Psychology & Behavioral Sciences Collection   1930 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
PsycINFO   1806 - present. Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide
PsycTESTS   about     guide
PubMed (Medline)   Pre1965 - present. Index & selected abstracts     about  internet icon
Reader's Guide Full Text   Selected fulltext     about     guide
Regional Business News   Primarily fulltext     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Religion & Philosophy Collection   Selected fulltext & full image     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
RIA Checkpoint   See Checkpoint
RMA eStatement Studies (Annual Statement Studies: Financial Ratio Benchmarks)     about      guide
SAGE Journals   about
Science & Technology Collection   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Science Citation Index see Web of Science
ScienceDirect   about     guide
Note: UHCL faculty members may use the ScienceDirect Order Document feature for any articles that are not provided in full text.
SciFinder   First-time user registration required   1907 - present; index with selected abstracts.     guide
SEC EDGAR Corporate Reports(U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission)   1994 - present. Fulltext & selected full image.      about internet icon
Senior High Core Collection   about     guide
Serials Directory   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Shelley-Godwin Archive    Fulltext     about internet icon
Short Story Index   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Small Business Reference Center    about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Small Engine Repair Reference Center    about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Social Sciences Citation Index see Web of Science
Social Sciences Full Text   Selected fulltext     about     guide
Social Services Abstracts   about     guide
Social Work Abstracts   about     guide
SocINDEX with Full Text   about     guide
Sociological Abstracts   about      guide
Sociology: SAGE Journals   about
Something About the Author   about
SPORTDiscus with Full Text   about      guide
SpringerLink (Springer / Kluwer)    Fulltext & full image     about
Statistical Abstract of the U.S. (ProQuest)   Fulltext     about     
STN Easy (Online Chemical Abstracts)    Index with selected abstracts. Fee-based, password required     about     guide
Teacher Reference Center   about     guide
Tests in Print    about     guide
Texas Digital Sanborn Maps   about TEXASICON.GIF
Texas Law Library   Fulltext     about
Texas Legislature Online   1995 - present. Fulltext     about internet icon
Texas Reference Center    about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Thomas   Legislative information on the Internet internet icon 
TOPICsearch   Selected fulltext     about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
TOXNET (TOXicology data NETwork)   1965 - present. Index & selected abstracts     about internet icon
Twayne's Authors Series   Fulltext     about TEXASICON.GIF
20th Century American Poetry   about TEXASICON.GIF
20th Century English Poetry   about TEXASICON.GIF
UHCL Journals List   guide
Ulrichsweb Global Serials Directory (formerly Ulrich's Periodicals Directory)   about
U.S. Congressional Serial Set    1817-1980     about     guide
U.S. Government Bookstore   Current. Index & selected abstracts     about internet icon
U.S. Patent Database    1790 - present. Full image     about internet icon
VAST: Academic Video Online   about
Vocational & Career Collection   about     guide TEXASICON.GIF
Wall Street Journal   1984 - present. Fulltext     about     guide
Wall Street Journal (ProQuest Historical Newspapers)   1889-1994. Fulltext & full image     about     guide
Web of Science   1984 - present  Index, with selected fulltext links     about     guide
Westlaw Campus Research   about     guide
Wiley Online Library   1997 - present. Selected fulltext
WilsonWeb Databases are now part of EBSCO Databases
Women and Social Movements (Scholar's edition)   about
Women's Studies International   about     guide
World Almanac   1998 - present. Fulltext     about
WorldCat   Before 1000 B.C. - present. Index, with selected abstracts and library holdings information     about TEXASICON.GIF
World History Collection   about     guide
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