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Math Center Drop In hours

Drop-In Hours

Spring 2014
Mon, Jan 20 - Mon, Apr 28

SSCB 2.101

Mon - Wed: 10:00 am - 9:00 pm

Thu: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm

Summer 2014
Jun - Aug: TBD


Phone: 281-283-2460

Email: Math Center

Math Center Facebook
Math Center Facebook

Math Center Home Page

Welcome to
the Math Center

The Math Center provides tutoring for mathematics and statistics courses for students enrolled in math classes. You're invited to drop by if you want help with your math questions.

We're moving to the Bayou Building in April!

Courses Available For Drop-In Tutoring

* Indicates course always available during drop-in hours
Check TutorTrac for tutoring availability for the other courses, which have limited drop-in hours

* MATH 3031:   Mathematics for EC
* MATH 3032:   Mathematics for EC
 MATH 3033:   Structure of Number Systems
* MATH 3034:   Algebra Through Technology
* MATH 3035:   Euclidean Geometry

 MATH 3036:   Problem Solving
* MATH 3037:   Fundamentals of Informal Geometry and Statistical Analysis
 MATH 3131:   Intro to Linear Algebra
 MATH 3231:   Calculus III
 MATH 3331:   Discrete Mathematics

 MATH 4030:   Intro to Modern Algebra and Number Theory
 MATH 4031:   History of the Mathematical Sciences
 MATH 4131:   Ordinary Differential Equations and Applications
 MATH 4133:   Intro to Toplogy
 MATH 4135:   Numerical Analysis and its Applications

 MATH 4136:   Mathematic Software Apps
 MATH 4231:   Predicate Logic
 MATH 4235:   Theory of Models and Apps
 MATH 4331:   Advanced Calculus
 MATH 4431:   Intro to Analysis

 MATH 4434:   Intro to Probability
 MATH 4435:   Intro to Statistics
 MATH 4633:   Functions of a Complex Variable
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