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UHCL Endowments

Anyone can help build UHCL's endowment base by giving to an existing endowment or by creating a new one. Establishing an endowment is a very simple process that can make a world of difference in the lives of students, faculty and the wider community.

Endowments are gifts that "keep on giving" and are attractive forms of support because of the lasting benefits they create. They are also the funding foundation of a university. As donated funds are invested in perpetuity by the University of Houston System, the income is used exclusively for the purpose designated by donors. Because the original contribution is preserved, and a portion of the interest reinvested, endowments provide a permanent source of financial support for pressing needs and emerging opportunities. Contributions to endowments help ensure the continued growth of the university for future generations forever.

Endowments are not supported solely by major gifts or affluent donors. Many endowments are built over a period of years, and often by several donors or organizations. Endowment funds are frequently used to honor family members, friends, colleagues, professors, leaders and other deserving individuals. Because endowments provide continuing benefits, they are particularly meaningful tributes and memorials.

There are a number of different ways to link the name of a loved one, alumni, mentor, friend, company or foundation permanently with the university and its goals. Endowment opportunities exist throughout the university and include:

To learn more about creating an endowment or other giving opportunities at UH-Clear Lake, contact the Office of Development at 281-283-2021, or e-mail


A college education is one of the biggest purchases many people will ever make, yet the cost of the investment can be an obstacle to fulfilling their educational and career goals. Scholarship contributions from individuals, corporations and foundations help students reach these goals and allow future leaders to fulfill their dreams at UHCL.

We are proud to provide scholarship opportunities to our students because we believe there is no better type of financial aid than the kind that students do not have to pay back. Our mission to provide the best available education to our students while anticipating their financial needs becomes more achievable with each scholarship contribution.

At UHCL, scholarships are offered through a variety of sources. Many of the current dollar and endowed scholarships are specified for students enrolled in particular courses of study while general scholarships are available to the general student population. These scholarships are important because they also help motivate students to reach their educational goals.

Scholarship gifts can take the form of one-time or endowed gifts and are frequently used to honor family members, friends, colleagues, professors, leaders and other deserving individuals. One-time gifts are current dollar contributions that are expended once the scholarship is awarded.

Endowed scholarships are donated funds invested in perpetuity by the University of Houston System. Because the original contribution is preserved, and a portion of the interest reinvested, endowments provide a permanent source of financial support for scholarships. You may designate the name of the scholarship endowment, how the funds will be used, the criteria to be used in choosing scholarship recipients, the amount of awards and other factors as you see fit.

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Program Support

Endowments that support academic programs or outreach initiatives provide critical funds that allow for seizing opportunity, navigating challenges or achieving vision. These funds can be styled as discretionary, or targeted to specific purposes, such as seeding research, inspiring new initiatives, or supporting faculty initiatives.

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Endowed professorships provide the university with ways to recognize excellent faculty members with the status of an endowed professorship title. This enhances the image of the professor and university. Funds from the endowment are used to enhance salary, support research, seed new initiatives and more.

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There are two types of fellowships that can be endowed at the university: faculty and student. A faculty fellowship provides a professor selected by the university with support for travel, research, outreach and more. A student fellowship provides support to the educational expenses of a graduate student, typically one involved in research.

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Growth Fund

The impact that a financial gift can make on lives is sometimes immeasurable. It begins with the thoughtful benefactor who is moved by loyalty or experience to lend a helping hand to a student in need. A student pursuing the dream of obtaining an education; sometimes the first in the family to do so. The example of generosity is more often than not repeated by the graduating alum that makes a choice to pay it forward, impacting the next student pursuing a dream. Scholarship endowments help sustain this cycle of generosity indefinitely. At University of Houston-Clear Lake, there is a solution for generous-minded donors who think a $10,000 endowment is out of their reach to establish.

UHCL offers individual donors the opportunity to establish an endowment through contribution of funds over a period of time (e.g. two years, five years, etc.) until minimum goal amount of $10,000 is reached. Individual contributions are accumulated in one account and interest earned is used by the UHCL president to act on priority university initiatives. When a donor's contribution totals $10,000, a new endowment is created. Interest earned on the new endowment will become spendable income and is distributed to recipients as directed by the donor's wishes. Contributions of any size can be made annually into the Growth Fund. Friends and family may also contribute at any time to your Growth Fund account, making it more convenient to give memorial, honor and other special occasion gifts and speed up completion time on the fund. If you, your spouse, or anyone who makes a gift, works for an employer that matches charitable contributions, the gift can double or triple in value and count towards the accumulated goal amount of $10,000. If the annual contribution is $1,000 or greater, matching gifts included, the donor is also recognized at one of two leadership-giving levels: President's Cabinet ($1,000 - $4,999) or President's Circle ($5,000 or more).

Once committed to the Growth Fund, if circumstances prevent the donor from fulfilling their goal of reaching $10,000, the funds still function in support of the university by becoming a part of the permanent Growth Fund. To learn more about the Growth Fund or start your contribution to the Growth Fund, please contact Elbby Antony at 281-283-2016 or by email,

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PC Winners

At the 2015 President's Cabinet Dinner, Dr. Staples presented the 2015 President’s Cabinet Leadership Award to Pat and Wendell Wilson, with the 2015 President’s Cabinet Philanthropy Award going to Sandra and Gary Mossman.


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Flow-Cal receives Community Partnership Award

UHCL honored Flow-Cal Inc with the 2015 Community Partnership Award for all they do in collaboration with and in support of the university.


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