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UHCL Mission Statement

The University of Houston-Clear Lake is a student-centered, community-minded, partnership-oriented university that offers bachelor's, master's and selected doctoral programs to enhance the educational, economic, and cultural environment of the Houston-Galveston metropolitan region. UH-Clear Lake serves a diverse student body with special emphasis on undergraduate transfer, graduate and international students. The university offers the highest quality instruction and nationally accredited academic programs designed to develop the critical thinking, creative, quantitative, leadership and communication skills of students. The university conducts applied and basic research and engages in community and professional service that support both the economic development and the quality of life of the area. The university is committed to community engagement through partnerships with educational institutions, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

Approved by University Council 12-10-09
Approved by UH System Board of Regents 2-16-10
Approved by Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board 4-29-10

UHCL Core Values Statement

Our decisions and behaviors are guided by these values with regard to promoting learning, scholarship, and service at the University of Houston-Clear Lake.  These values equally help to shape the university’s culture and promote respect for all students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other members of the university community.

Learning: UHCL inspires all individuals within the university community to pursue lifelong learning through a dedication to intellectual and personal growth.

Trust: UHCL encourages open and honest communication which embraces the freedom of diverse ideas.

Integrity: UHCL proudly promotes and supports personal, academic, and ethical standards within the university and the community we serve.

Opportunity: UHCL actively fosters the freedom to productively and enthusiastically pursue and enhance quality of life for ourselves and our communities.

Diversity: UHCL facilitates a respectful and inclusive environment with regard to individual, societal, and global perspectives.

Leadership: UHCL empowers individuals with the freedom to learn, grow, and develop as leaders.

Quality: UHCL commits to continually demonstrate excellence through the actions of our students, faculty, staff, and administrators.

Innovation: UHCL supports innovation through the development of collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.

Approved by University Life Committee 6-24-10
Approved by University Council 2-8-11

UHCL Strategic Plan 

University of Houston-Clear Lake will achieve academic excellence through the offering of high quality programs delivered by an outstanding faculty and staff in an environment supportive of teaching and research.


  • Recruit, develop, and retain high quality faculty and staff to enhance academic and research excellence and to accommodate enrollment growth.
  • Ensure compensation for faculty and staff is competitive relative to peer institutions.
  • Achieve and maintain nationally accredited programs and other forms of national recognition.
  • Increase the number of academic programs with international connections and perspectives.
  • Support increased levels of applied and basic research as well as creative activities.

University of Houston-Clear Lake will provide a supportive student-centered campus environment focused on student access and success.


  • Achieve downward expansion.
  • Develop new academic programs and enhance existing programs to meet community and student needs.
  • Develop and deliver quality online and off-campus programs.
  • Increase student financial support, including scholarships.
  • Provide academic and support services to increase student enrollment and retention.
  • Develop the critical thinking, creative, quantitative, leadership and communication skills of our students.
  • Enhance and support student life including student government and organizations, recreation, housing, community service, leadership development, research and other activities.

University of Houston-Clear Lake will enhance a campus which is attractive, functional, safe and supportive of the university’s mission; promote an environment for effective collaboration; and maintain fiscal responsibility.


  • Acquire and maintain an appropriate infrastructure, including property, facilities, and technology.
  • Ensure the physical safety and security of the campus.
  • Promote a collaborative university shared governance system which includes faculty, staff, students and administrators.
  • Support ethnic and gender diversity within the faculty, staff and student body.
  • Exercise prudent stewardship of human, financial, physical and environmental resources.

University of Houston-Clear Lake will build mutually beneficial partnerships through outreach activities for the benefit of faculty, staff, students, alumni and the community.


  • Develop and enhance partnerships with educational institutions, including school districts, community colleges and universities.
  • Develop and enhance collaborative education, research and training partnerships with businesses, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations.
  • Engage the university’s alumni through professional development, social and university service opportunities.
  • Engage the community through life-long learning programs, the cultural arts and other activities.
  • Increase resources from the broader community in support of the university’s mission.

Approved by University Council 5-13-10

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