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Faculty Handbook



Complete Faculty Handbook on PDF


**Please refer to the current 2015-16 Academic Affairs Administration Calendar for correct dates. The AAA dates are the officially recognized dates**


The UH-Clear Lake Faculty Handbook has been developed as an information resource and guide for University of Houston-Clear Lake faculty. Although it is not a comprehensive policy document, it has been designed to provide resource and policy information related to the University of Houston-Clear Lake. This publication does not supersede any federal, state, or local law, nor the UHCL catalog. The Handbook is updated with new or revised policies when policies are approved by University Council and signed by the President. Information items are continuously updated. Information items should be sent to the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs for approval and placement in the Handbook. Specific questions arising regarding current policies, interpretation of policies or information not covered in this current Handbook should be directed to Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs.

1.0 General Information
1.1 UH-System Board of Regents
1.2.1 UH-System Administration
1.2.2 Community College Advisory Council
1.3 UH-Clear Lake Administration
1.4 An Overview: The University of Houston-Clear Lake
1.5 University of Houston-Clear Lake Mission
1.6 Formatting, Tracking, Maintaining, and Disseminating UHCL Policy Documents

2.0 Shared Governance
2.1 Overview of Governance
2.2 Constitution of the Faculty Senate

3.0 Appointment and Retirement
3.1 Faculty Position Ranks
3.2 Faculty Appointments: General Guidelines
3.3 UHCL Guidelines for Faculty Appointments
3.4 Non-Tenure Track Academic Appointments
3.5 Policies on Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching/Research Assistants
3.6 Adjunct Faculty Appointments
3.7 Graduate Faculty Definition
3.8 Retirement
3.9 University of Houston System Voluntary Modification of Faculty Employment Program
3.10 Faculty Emeritus/Emerita Status Guidelines
3.11 Nepotism Policy
3.12 Employment of Non-U.S. Citizen

4.0 Equal Employment Opportunity and Academic Affirmative Action Plan and Search Procedures
4.1 Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Plan
4.2 Search and Selection Procedures for Academic Administration, Faculty Members, and Academic Professional Staff

5.0 Annual Review, Promotion, Tenure and Termination
5.1 Annual Faculty Review Policy
5.2 UH-Clear Lake Policy on Program Reviews
5.3 UH-Clear Lake Promotion and Tenure 
5.4 University of Houston at Clear Lake Post-Tenure Performance Review
5.5 University of Houston System Faculty Dismissal Policy
5.6 Dismissal of Faculty Members with Tenure and Special or Probationary Appointment Before the End of the Specified Term of Appointment
5.7 Financial Exigency
5.8 Program Discontinuance Policy and Procedures

6.0 Academic Workload and Compensation
6.1 Workload Policy for Faculty
6.2 Faculty Office Hours
6.3 Interschool Teaching Policy
6.4 Policy on Direction of Theses and Master's Projects
6.5 Dual Employment, Outside Employment, and Consulting Contracts
6.6 Guidelines for Full-Time Overload and Off-Campus Teaching Compensation
6.7 Policy on Administrative Salaries in the Academic Affairs Division
6.8 Faculty Merit Raise Increments
6.9 Perquisites
6.10 Summer Pay Policy
6.11 Policy for Extra Compensation in Excess of Base Salary

7.0 Benefits, Leaves, and Awards
7.1 Benefits
7.2 Family and Medical Leave of Absence Policy
7.3 Parental Leave Policy and Procedure
7.4 Leave of Absence
7.5 Employee Time and Effort Reporting
7.6 Fair Labor Standards Act Policy
7.7 Employee Group Insurance Policy and Procedure
7.8 Graduate Work by University Faculty and Staff
7.9 Paid Holidays
7.10 Faculty Development Leave
7.11 Minnie Stevens Piper Award
7.12  President’s Distinguished Faculty Awards

8.0 Professional Responsibilities
8.1 Academic Freedom
8.2 Standards of Conduct for the Academic Community
8.3 Legal Responsibilities of Faculty and Staff
8.4 Liability
8.5 Open Records Policy
8.6 Faculty Disciplinary Procedures
8.7 UH-Clear Lake Sexual Harassment Policy
8.8 UHCL ADA Policy
8.9 AIDS Policy
8.10 Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy
8.11 Non-Discrimination Policy and Grievance Procedure
8.12 Workplace Violence Policy
8.13 Electronic Information Policy

9.0 Grievance Policy and Procedure
9.1 Faculty Grievance Policy

10.0 Research Activities and Relationships with Outside Agencies
10.1 Policy on Research, Scholarly and Artistic Activities
10.2 Personnel Policies Related To Research and External Activities
10.3 Faculty Research and Support Funds
10.4 Faculty Development and Support Funds
10.5 Intellectual Property Policy
10.6 Policy on the Authoring and Delivery of Distance Education Courseware by University of Houston Clear Lake Faculty and Staff
10.7 Development Policy

11.0 Academic Issues and Procedures
11.1 Student Rights and Responsibilities
11.2 Grading Policy
11.3 Grading Procedures
11.4 Academic Honesty Policy
11.5 Academic Appeals Policy
11.6 Combined and Parallel Undergraduate and Graduate Courses
11.7 Grade Change Annotation on Academic Transcript

12.0 Facilities and Services
12.1 Policy for the Use of University Facilities
12.2 University Hours of Operation
12.3 Safety Policy
12.4 Facilities Repair and Maintenance Services
12.5 Smoking Policy
12.6 Emergency Closings
12.7 UHCL Evacuation Plan
12.8 Neumann Library
12.9 University Computing Resources
12.10 Student Services
12.11 Bookstore

12.12 Facilities Use Policy - Internal

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