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Welcome to School of Science and Computer Engineering
The School of Science and Computer Engineering (SCE) offers high-quality academic programs within the vibrant atmosphere of a modern university. SCE prepares its graduates for careers in the natural sciences, mathematics, computing sciences, computer engineering, software and systems engineering. Our faculty adheres to a professional model that balances the vital components of our educational mission: teaching, research, and service. Our course of study supports a variety of disciplines including telecommunications, robotics, control systems, industrial modeling, mathematical and statistical modeling analysis, and petrochemical processes. As they work toward their academic goals, SCE students strengthen their abilities to solve problems, study independently, and think critically. They learn to adapt existing knowledge and apply it to new situations to benefit society. They also acquire professional values and ethics as they refine their skills in specific subject areas. SCE supports research and development. This commitment expands our knowledge base and presents new ways to apply established science. We encourage students and faculty to share scientific knowledge through publications and presentations. We also offer professional services to local, regional, national, and international communities.

The School of Science and Computer Engineering offers high quality academic degrees consistent with the role of a regional public university. Plans within the school prepare graduates to enter fields in natural sciences, mathematics, computing and computer engineering. Individuals in the school's plans are expected to develop skills in problem solving, independent study and critical thinking, and to be able to adapt knowledge to new situations and to the benefit of society. Students in these plans attain a sense of professional values and ethics as well as knowledge and skills relevant to their specific subject area. This sense of professional responsibility is essential if society is to benefit from the interfaces with advanced technology and science. The school supports research and development directed toward producing new knowledge and identifying additional applications of existing knowledge. Dissemination of scientific knowledge through publications and presentations is encouraged, as well as professional service to local, regional, national and international communities.
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Academic Advising
The Office of Academic Advising connects faculty with current, prospective, and former students in the School of Science and Computer Engineering. The Academic Advisors and staff strive to ease students' transition into upper-level coursework. We help you reach your educational goals. This Office gives you the information you need to help you choose a degree program. Then we guide you through the details of the specific plan you've chosen. We answer your questions and solve problems related to university policies or procedures. Academic Advisors make sure that students meet the requirements for graduation. To learn more about Science and Computer Engineering programs suited to your individual career path, please contact the Office of Academic Advising.
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