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Mathematical Sciences B.A.

Mathematical Sciences (Bachelor of Arts)

Program Description
The bachelor of arts in mathematical science prepares students for a career in industry or education. It also lays the groundwork for graduate study in mathematics, statistics, operations research, or other math-based disciplines. Students will explore the classical foundations of mathematics while they consider the modern implications of numeric's for computer technology.
Career Opportunities
Many students take mathematics courses out of love for the subject, with little regard for the opportunities to pursue the discipline after graduation (other than in education). Careers that require a very strong background in mathematics include software engineer, actuary, computer systems analyst, computer programmer and mathematician . A career in mathematics holds particular benefits for women and members of ethnic minorities. Because women and minorities have been under-represented in careers that require backgrounds in the mathematical sciences, many employers are especially eager to rectify those imbalances.
Teaching Certification
Students who are seeking teaching certification will follow the degree plan and certification. Please consult the School of Education (SoE) for 4-8 degree certification as well as for 8-12 degree certification. For additional information please contact SCE Office of Academic Advising.
SOE Shared Plans
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