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Computer Engineering (CENG)

Computer Engineering: Bachelor of Science (BS) | Overview

The plan in Computer Engineering leads to the bachelor of science (BS) degree. Computer Engineering emphasizes the study of large and small computer systems for industrial, scientific and business applications. Computer hardware and software concepts, along with engineering-level mathematics, prepare students for jobs in computer-based industries as well as for admission into the graduate plan in Computer Engineering.  The culminating experience for a student in this plan is CENG 4625 / CENG 4626 Senior Projects. Students desiring to complete this plan in 4 years should concurrently enroll at UHCL after completing 30 semester hours at the transfer institution.
The mission of the Computer Engineering plan is to provide students instruction in the pragmatic application of core knowledge by which they can specify, design and develop large and small computer systems for industrial and scientific purposes. There is an emphasis on microcomputer-based embedded systems. The curriculum includes sub-plans in software engineering and telecommunications.
The educational objectives of the computer engineering program are:
  • as practicing engineers, shall apply core knowledge (mathematics, science and engineering) to specify, design, develop, and test computer systems, including the ability to work effectively on multidisciplinary teams and to communicate effectively to achieve objectives.
  • as practicing engineers, shall have demonstrated the capability to solve engineering problems, using modern tools and techniques, drawn from a range of technical specialties (telecommunications and networking, digital controls and real-time systems) that are consistent with the needs of our industrial constituents and the expertise of the faculty.
  • as practicing engineers, shall exercise professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • as practicing engineers, shall successfully demonstrate the mastery of higher order thinking skills including quantitative and qualitative analysis, synthesis and evaluation of information, argumentation, problem solving and creativity.
  • serve communities, make significant contributions to society and consider the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.
  • participate in lifelong learning experiences in the professional community.
Applied Science Accreditation Commission of ABET The Computer Engineering program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET
Career Opportunities
The Computer Engineering program prepares students for careers in a wide spectrum of technical positions in computing and engineering. Graduates of this program qualify for employment as Engineers, Systems Engineers, Programmers, Project Engineers, Software Engineers, Technical Staff, Design Engineers, and Managers.


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