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Master of Science Degree Overview
University of Houston Clear Lake The Chemistry Program offers a Master of Science degree in chemistry. MS students can select Specializations in the following subjects: Astrobiochemistry, Chemical Technology Management & Marketing, Petrochemical & Process Chemistry, Biochemistry and Medicinal Chemistry. Like the B.S. program, the MS program is also based on a balanced curriculum of solid foundation in chemistry and laboratory skills. The degree aims to prepare students to quickly adapt to professional careers while acquiring the necessary foundation for life-long learning in the rapidly changing professional landscape.

The program requires students to have enough background in chemistry. However, our chemistry program also has a large number of students from a wide range of majors other than chemistry, who take foundation courses to make up any deficiencies before they are admitted to the MS program.
MS students must complete either capstone projects or thesis work before graduation. Both the capstone projects and thesis work provide students the opportunities to work on real world projects, which are usually mentored by faculty in a team environment. These projects allow students to do research and get publications under the supervision of a faculty member.
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