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Welcome to School of Science and Computer Engineering
Welcome to School of Science and Computer Engineering
Bachelor of Arts Degree Overview
Overview of Chemistry Program's BA Degree

Plans in Chemistry lead to the bachelor of arts (B.A.) or bachelor of science (B.S.) degrees. The Chemistry Program has completed evaluation and assessment and re-accreditation by the American Chemical Society (ACS) in 2009 and is on the ACS's list of approved chemistry programs nationwide. Therefore students may now obtain ACS-certified BS degrees in chemistry if they complete the appropriate curriculum. Students enrolled in the Chemistry plan may choose from high quality content courses in all of the traditional areas of Organic, Analytical, Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, as well as in the specialization areas such as Biochemistry, Chemical and Biological Technology, Forensic Chemistry, Petrochemical & Process Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry for Pre-Health Profession Students. Moreover, students are encouraged to further enhance their studies by undertaking research with one of the Chemistry plan's faculty in any of these areas. In regard to such research, it should be noted that the Chemistry plan has received endowments from the Welch Foundation in the form of a Chemistry Departmental Research Grant. Those funds have been expended in support of the research efforts carried out by the plan's faculty during the training of students. The Chemistry plan also has an endowment from the Zeon Chemicals Company.

All chemistry courses taken at UHCL more than one year prior to being admitted to the Chemistry plan are subject to faculty review before being accepted for degree credit.

The B.A. degree is recommended for students preparing for careers in interdisciplinary areas such as medicine, secondary school teaching, patent law and environmental science. The B.S. degree is designed to meet the needs of students planning careers as professional chemists and is recommended as preparation for graduate training or for a career in the chemical industry.

Academic Advising
Academic advising is a key to successfully completing your study in the Chemistry Program. UHCL advisors including both academic and faculty advisors help students create sound and effective study plans, i.e., the Candidate Plan of Studies (CPS), and continually advise and guide the students throughout their scholastic careers. By doing that, students should work with their advisors to create their own CPS's in their first semester at UHCL.
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