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SCE Dean's Scholarship

We are now accepting applications for the Spring 2015 SCE Dean's Scholarship

Awarding 4 scholarships for each major listed below Apply Now!

Must be planning to enroll for a minimum of 6 credit hours in one of the following majors:
  • Masters in Computer Information Systems
  • Masters in Mathematical Science
  • Master of Physics
  • Masters in Statistics
  • Masters in Engineering Management or Systems Engineering

TA and RA Positions available in Physics for Physics majors

We have several TA and RA positions available in Physics for Physics majors. Any graduate students in Physics can apply for these positions. For information about the RA application process contact Maria Winters (281) 283-3777. For information about the TA application process contact David Garrison 281-283-3796 or Samina Masood 281-283-3781.

Course Announcement: Spring 2015 Semester
Subject Course Title Course Description Instructor
BIOL 4391-02 Selected Topics in Biological Sciences
Coastal Avian Biology
Learn about the biology and conservation of coastal birds!
Weekend Field Trips to Local Areas.
Dr. Felipe Chavez-Ramirez

For more information contact:Instructor: Dr. Felipe Chavez-RamirezDirector, Conservation ProgramsGulf Coast Bird Obsevatory | Coastal Avian Biology (flyer)

Tutorial Support: Biology and Chemistry
Tutorial support for biology and chemistry courses is now available at Student Success Center. To schedule an appointment, students need to access the online scheduling system (Schedule a Tutor Appointment) on the home page: Student Success Center or students can visit the Student Success Center on the third floor (SSCB 3101.2) and make an appointment in person. If you have any questions please call 281-283-2452 or email.

UH-Clear Lake gains approval for new Physics Degree
With the recent approval by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, University of Houston-Clear Lake will now offer a Bachelor of Science in Physics. The program will provide a strong foundation to the current master’s degree already offered and set the stage for those continuing on to the collaborative physics doctoral program offered in partnership with the University of Houston. The new degree also provides more opportunities for potential students looking to pursue careers in engineering and technology.

“This is a very valuable degree if people choose to take advantage of it,” says Program Chair and Associate Professor of Physics David Garrison. “There is a lot a student can do with it.”

Garrison says the new program will provide students with a strong educational background in physics, including the concepts and ideas that will allow them to create the career they want. Demand from students and the low number of such programs in the area prompted the decision to offer the new degree program. Garrison says this program finally gives local students coming out of community colleges the chance to pursue a technical career.

“Physicists at the undergraduate level are a lot like chameleons,” Garrison says. “They can tackle problems effectively; they can use their background to fit into engineering jobs and other areas. This degree opens up a lot of doors that people wouldn’t even think about.

Garrison says physics is responsible for many products and technologies the world now takes for granted. Physicists invented the alcohol and mercury thermometer, the digital computer, the microchip, transistors, artificial superconductors, lasers and even the Internet. Physics has made great contributions to medicine, space exploration, energy and transportation (global positioning systems).

“This new program is a welcome addition to a roster of offerings created to meet the needs of our students and the community we serve,” adds School of Science and Computer Engineering Dean Zbigniew Czajkiewicz. “We now offer a bachelor’s and a master’s degree that will seamlessly transition into the collaborative doctoral program offered with our sister institution, University of Houston.

“I’m sure that Dr. Garrison’s passion for physics and this new program will strengthen UH-Clear Lake’s School of Science and Computer Engineering.”

Offering a solid foundation in physics that students can apply to a wide range or careers, including aerospace, energy and teaching, the new bachelor’s program is sure to open doors for new and potential students with their eyes on their future careers in the field. 

“There are a lot of people who have wanted this program for years,” Garrison said. “What people will do with this degree when they have it — is amazing.”

For more information visit the School of Science and Computer Engineering’s Physics program at, or contact Garrison by calling 281-283-3796 or e-mailing

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