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2016 Student Conference Application - Closed

Both undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their original work whether it is on-going or finalized at the Student Conference. All scholarly projects are welcome. Presentation formats are categorized as poster, oral (i.e., reading poetry, creative writing, essays, or research papers), and eAbstract (pre-arranged by the faculty sponsor).
  • Registration Deadline
    Tuesday, March 1, 2016 at 5:00 pm, Central Standard Time
    $10 per author and $10 per co-author, if received by deadline

  • Late Registration Deadline
    Friday, March 11, 2016 at 11:59 pm, Central Standard Time
    $15 per author and $15 for each co-author

Before Starting the Application

Partial applications are not accepted.
Make sure you can complete the application and the online payment with a credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover).

You must have Faculty Sponsor review and approval of your presentation content prior to applying for the Conference. Your registration includes the following information with *indicating content optionally included in the Conference Proceedings:

  1. Authors* and all emails
  2. Project title*
  3. Abstract/description *
    Note: It is your responsibility to edit your work for proper content, spelling, and grammar.
    • One paragraph only
    • Type directly into the application field. Do not cut and paste.
    • 3900 characters maximum
    • Publication ready
  4. Presentation format: Poster, Oral, eAbstract
  5. Faculty sponsor: name*, title*, position, phone, email, college/university*

The 2015 Conference Proceedings is viewable and downloadable from this website multiple weeks after the Conference. The project title, abstract/description, your name, your faculty sponsor's name and the names of all co-authors are included in the Proceedings. If you do not want to be published in the Proceedings, indicate this in the Comment field of the application.

At the Conference


Check in at the registration table in Bayou when you arrive. You will receive a packet of information including a name badge and meal ticket (if appropriate).

Food and Snacks

While some food and refreshment is available during the Conference, you may prefer to bring you own food or beverage, particularly if you have time or dietary limitations.

  • Coffee and Water
    Freely available for presenters, evaluators and guests throughout the Conference at various locations.

  • Light Meal/Snacks - TBA
    Available for presenters, sponsors, and evaluators.
    Requires meal ticket from your registration packet received at check-in.

The Application

Since regular computer maintenance is Sunday 6:00 am - as late as 2:00 pm Central Time, we recommend not submitting your form during this time.

** If javascript has been disabled in your browser, please enable it.
** All fields are required unless otherwise stated.

Section 1:  Applicant Information

Registration - Closed

If there are co-authors, the First Author fills in his/her specifics for Applicant Information and completes the application.

First Name
Last Name
A confirmation email is sent to you when you submit the application.
 with area code
Mailing Address
Degree Level      Undergraduate     Graduate

Section 2:  Project Information

Do you have co-authors?   Yes      No
Co-Author First Name Co-Author Last Name E-Mail Address
Add More ?
Project Title

Project Abstract or Description

  • Both Title and Abstract must be pre-approved by your faculty sponsor before applying to the Conference.
  • Both Title and Abstract are published for public viewing.
  • Type directly into the application field. Do not cut and paste.
  • Please check that what you submit is suitable for publishing (i.e., correct spelling and grammar).
  • Abstract maximum is 3900 characters and is published as a single paragraph.

characters available

Section 3:  Presentation Information

Preferred Format
An author or co-author must be present at the poster session. Select your poster session:

In-person, Oral presentations are assigned a session date and time. A presenter may use PowerPoint slides. Poetry and Creative Writings are typically held in an informal coffeehouse on-campus. Roundtables and Symposiums are specifically assigned by faculty. If you have questions, consult your faculty sponsor.

Please indicate your presentation type:

eAbstract format is available only to pre-selected applicants as specified by the instructor.

  1. Slide one:
    • Student(s) Name(s)
    • Project Title
    • Course Number/Name (e.g., INDH 5336 Safety, Health and Environmental Issues)
    • Instructor Name (e.g., Dr. Magdy Akladios)
  2. Slide two:
    • Abstract

Do you require a special accommodation in order to participate in the Student Conference?
If appropriate, include a required accommodation for a disability.

Section 4:  Faculty Sponsor Information

First Name
Last Name
Position Examples: Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor

An email is sent to your Faculty Sponsor requesting application confirmation.

Before you submit your form

Verify your email and your faculty sponsor's email.
Print a copy of your complete form for your own records as some browsers may not display all of your form using a browser back button.

When you submit your form

You may have a short wait.
Depending on your internet connection, it may take several minutes to see the online payment information.

Warning: Don't hit the browser back button once you leave this page as it may affect your application.

What is emailed

  1. First, an application receipt is sent to you, your co-authors and faculty sponsor.
    It contains a summary of the information entered on this form.

  2. Secondly, a registration/payment confirmation is sent after payment is complete.
    At this point you are registered with the Student Conference.

State law requires that you be informed of the following:
(1) with few exceptions, you are entitled on request to be informed about the information the University collects about you by use of this form;
(2) under sections 552.021 and 552.023 of the Government Code, you are entitled to receive and review the information; and
(3) under section 559.004 of the Government Code, you are entitled to have the University correct information about you that is incorrect.

Date Updated: 27-Feb-2015

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