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Lockers, IDs and Campus Postings


The Student Life Office has lockers for rent, which are located in the Bayou Building.


Upon submission of the $12.00 locker fee, a locker will be assigned to the student/employee for a semester. Student/employee will need to pay an additional $12.00 renewal fee if they wish to continue using the locker each semester. There are no refunds.

Replacement Key

In the event the key is lost or stolen, there will be a $6.00 replacement fee. Replacement keys can take up to 4-6 weeks to be made. The student/employee has the option to be assigned a new locker while a replacement key is made.

If a student/employee needs access to his or her locker and does not have the key, he or she must contact the Student Life Office during business hours so that a staff member can open the locker with a master key. A student/employee ID must be presented at that time.

Abandoned Items

Articles left in the locker after control of the locker is relinquished and/or the deadline date has passed will be turned over to the University Police Department for subsequent disbursement according to established University policy regarding the disbursement of unclaimed property.

ID Cards


ID Cards are necessary for general identification, use of the library, admittance to computer labs, check cashing, AV check-out and admittance to the Fitness Zone.


ID cards are made throughout the year whenever the Student Life Office is open. Students are eligible to make an ID card once they have paid a portion of their semester fees. To make an ID card you will need your student ID number and an official form of picture ID such as a drivers license, passport, state ID card, etc.

At the beginning of the semester you will find it helpful to bring a copy of your fee statement. You can print this statement from Ease Online. The ID machine is not linked to Ease Online and does not update automatically. Therefore, you may experience a delay between the time you pay and the time that your payment is reflected in the ID machine system. If you are not in immediate need of your ID card, you may want to wait until the lines at the start of the semester diminish.

Semester Stickers

If you have an ID card, you can receive a semester sticker on the back of your card to update it. Stickers are available in the Student Life Office and at the Student Assistance Center. Once again, you will find it helpful to bring a copy of your fee statement that you can print from Ease Online.

Campus Postings


* All Flyers need to be stamped in the Student Life Office.

  • Permission to post flyers outside office suites may be granted only by staff members in that office.
  • Any event held on-campus needs to include the American Disability Act disclaimer.
  • All flyers will be up for a maximum of one month.
  • Flyers are only to be posted on approved boards and kiosks.
  • Flyers are not to be posted on glass, window, doors, wood railings or walls, bathrooms, elevators, etc.


Non-UHCL Organizations - A maximum of 4 flyers can be posted on approved kiosks. Ask for locations when you have your flyer stamped.

UHCL Student Organizations and Offices - A maximum of 35 flyers can be posted in approved locations for ALL sponsored events.

Drop-off Service

The Student Life Office provides a drop-off service for UHCL students, staff and faculty.


Only UHCL students, staff and faculty may drop-off items for each other to be picked up at a later date.

Forgotten Items

If items are not picked up within 30 days of drop-off, the person who dropped the item will be notified. If not retrieved within 14 days of this notification, the item will be trashed.

Date Updated: 10-FEB-2016
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