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Student Organizations
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Welcome to Student Organizations

Organizations by Category


  • Accounting Association/Institute of Management Accountants Student Chapter - AA

    The Accounting Association is sponsored by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), a nonprofit organization. The goal of this organization is to inform students of current changes in the accounting profession and prepare students for the transition between school and work. We promote professional development, community service, leadership opportunities, and a means to benefit through IMA services.

    President: Naia Marin-Montalvo
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Haeyoung Shin

    Updated: 25-Jun-2013

  • Association of Certified Fraud Examiners - ACFE

    The student chapter of ACFE is part of the National Affiliation, which is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education. The student chapter provides students with educational, leadership, social events and networking skills that promote opportunities in fields of audit, forensic, accounting, and fraud examination. The ACFE is open to all disciplines.

    Website: Facebook - ACFE,
    President: Regina Duffey
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mattie Porter

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • American Marketing Association - AMA

    The American Marketing Association is a professional organization open to all students with an interest in marketing. AMA provides individuals with resources and opportunities to become leaders at UHCL and in the marketing industry.

    Website: Facebook - AMA,
    President: Jennifer Serrano
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathleen Williamson, 281-283-3192

    Updated: 25-Jun-2013

  • Healthcare Finance Association - HFA

    Our primary goal is to prepare members for successful careers in health-related fields through activities including amazing volunteer opportunities, professional seminars, stimulating on campus speaker series, and industry outreach.

    Website: LinkedIn - MGMA
    President: Jamil Aslam
    Faculty Advisor: Jordan Mitchell, PhD

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Healthcare Student Association - HSA

    Healthcare Students Association is a professional organization serving as a forum for student issues, concerns and acts as a representative voice for its members to both UHCL and HADM. HSA will provide its members opportunities to network with renowned healthcare executives and fellows, participate in professional development workshops, and provide early career development strategies.

    President: Alex John
    Faculty Advisor: Ashish Chandra, PhD

    Updated: 03-Oct-2012

  • Information System Audit & Control Association - ISACA

    The student group of ISACA is a local group of the World Wide ISACA International. ISACA provides students with opportunities to increase their professional development ISACA events and networking.

    Website: Facebook - ISACA, Twitter - ISACA,
    President: Steven Wilkerson
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Constance Lehmann

    Updated: 25-Sep-2013

  • Legal Studies Association - LSA

    LSA is a forum for students of any major to network with law professors, judges and attorneys to grow and learn with experienced legal professionals.

    President: Kimberly Chapman
    Faculty Advisor: James Benson

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Management Information Systems Organization - MISO

    The purpose of the organization shall be to engage in any activities that further interests its members. These activities shall comply with rules and regulations issued by UHCL and SGA.

    Website: Facebook - MISO
    President: Jule Becker
    Faculty Advisor: Doug Steel

    Updated: 23-Sep-2013

  • Medical Group Management Association - MGMA

    The mission of MGMA-UHCL is to help its members obtain employment upon graduation by providing the necessary tools to set them up for success. MGMA UHCL aims to provide learning opportunities as well as exposure to influential professionals in the field of healthcare.

    Website: Facebook - MGMA
    President: Monika Bassett
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Dianne Love

    Updated: 09-Oct-2013

  • The Management Association - TMA

    There is no "I" in "TEAM".

    Website: Facebook - TMA
    President: Apoorva Naidu
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Clifton Mayfield

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013


  • Bilingual Education Student Organization - BESO

    Our organization embraces bilingualism and promotes a better education system for every child. We educated ourselves to be able to educate our future students and leaders.

    Website: Facebook - BESO
    President: Yacel Amador
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Judith Marquez

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Mathletes Infinity - MATH

    Matheletes Infinity is a place where students can come together and discuss their love for math. We will have speakers talking about their research, game days, volunteer opportunities, and community fellowship.

    President: Rachael Kurien
    Faculty Advisor: Amy Lampazzi

    Updated: 21-May-2014

  • The World Organization for Early Childhood Education - OMEP

    Our objectives are to promote optimum conditions worldwide and locally for the well-being, education and development of all children from within their families, institutions, and societies today in the future.

    Website: Facebook - OMEP
    President: Denise Bergman
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donna Kirkwood

    Updated: 10-Sep-2013

  • Student Council for Exceptional Children - SCEC

    The purpose of this organization is to advance the education of exceptional children through the professional development of teachers. The Student Council for Exceptional Children sponsors several meetings, conferences, and events throughout the year to enhance, promote, provide resources for growth and encourage professional development among students, faculty, and alumni. The SCEC is affiliated with the National Council for Exceptional Children and the Texas Council for Exceptional Children.

    Website: Facebook - SCEC,
    President: Christine Houston
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Randy Seevers

    Updated: 22-Jul-2013

  • Student Reading Council - SRC

    The Student Reading Council serves to promote reading through workshops, professional development opportunities, and volunteer events. All students, regardless of academic major, are encouraged to join. Education majors may receive the most benefit from the professional development opportunities.

    Website: Facebook - SRC
    President: Jennifer Morrow
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Charlene Carter

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Texas Teacher's Association-Student Program - TSTA-SP

    TSTA-SP empowers education students as active members to become the best teachers they can be by volunteering on campus and in their community, participating in professional development, and being politically sound in the realm of education. Members not only gain benefits but also gain lifelong friendships.

    Website: Facebook - SCEC,
    President: Katie Bruno
    Faculty Advisor: Jana Willis

    Updated: 24-Jul-2013

Honor Societies and Leadership

  • Alpha Kappa Delta International Sociology Honor Society - AKD

    AKD honor society seeks to acknowledge and promote excellence in the study of sociology, the research of social problems, and to help improve the human condition through social and intellectual activities.

    Website: Facebook - AKD
    President: Elizabeth Barlow
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mike McMullen

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Alpha Phi Sigma National Criminal Justice Honor Society - APS

    The purpose of Alpha Phi Sigma is to recognize academic excellence of Undergraduate and Graduate students of Criminology, Criminal Justice, and students enrolled in other related academic disciplines as well as Juris Doctorate students. The Goals of Alpha Phi Sigma are to honor and promote academic excellence; community service; educational leadership and unity. Alpha Phi Sigma is the only Criminal Justice Honor Society, which is a certified member of The Association of College Honor Societies and affiliated with The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences.

    President: Regina Duffey
    Chapter Advisor: Dr. Everette Penn

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Beta Alpha Psi - BAP

    Welcome to the Zeta- Upsilon chapter of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP). Beta Alpha Psi is the National Honors Society for Financial Information Professionals. Our objective is to promote and recognize scholastic achievement and professional excellence among financial information students and alumni. Because we maintain high standards and expectations of our members, we have earned the respect of financial firms, industry, and faculty. Our success is dependent on the strong, active participation of our members. We encourage you to join us in our activities. The results will be mutually beneficial to both you and to our chapter.

    Website: Facebook - BAP,
    President: Nicole Marshall
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Randall Zhaohui Xu

    Updated: 01-Jul-2013

  • Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Interest Group - TB

    Beta Beta Beta Biological Honor Society Interest group seeks to encourage scholarly attainment in this field by reserving its regular membership for those who achieve superior academic records and indicate special aptitude for and major interest in life sciences.

    President: Julie Voss
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Heath Mills

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • I/O Psi - IOPSI

    IOPSI develops the skills that will guide its members in becoming professionals in the field of Industrial/organizational psychology.

    Website: Facebook - IOPSI, Twitter - IOPSI,
    President: Karen Ramirez
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alex Milam, 281-283-3332

    Updated: 15-Aug-2012

  • Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education - KDP

    Kappa Delta Pi, International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 by Dr. W Bagley at the University of Illinois. It was created with the purpose to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching.

    President: Mari S. Martinez
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kent Divoll

    Updated: 09-Oct-2013

  • National Society of Collegiate Scholars - NSCS

    Our mission is to recognize and celebrate high achievement among first and second year students in all academic discipline and to encourage while promoting high standards throughout the collegiate experience. We will provide opportunities for personal growth and leadership development for members. Check our website for more information.

    President: Ali Edrisi
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Zerong Wang

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • National Society of Leadership and Success - NSLS

    NSLS, also known as Sigma Alpha Pi, is an organization that helps people discover and achieve their goals. The society offers life-changing lectures from the nation's leading presenters and a community where like-minded success oriented individuals come together and help one another succeed.

    Website: Facebook - NSLS,
    President: Jeremy Mejia
    Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Clark

    Updated: 08-Jul-2013

  • Omicron Delta Kappa - ODK

    The purpose of ODK is to recognize students, faculty, and administration at UHCL who have demonstrated exceptional leadership and scholarship. ODK acknowledges and encourages achievement in scholarship, athletics, social service, religious activities, campus government, journalism, speech, mass media, and the creative & performing arts.

    Website: Facebook - ODK,
    President: Justin Medellin
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Bartsch

    Updated: 16-Jul-2013

  • Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association- PTKAA

    Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association is an honor society open only to members of Phi Theta Kappa inducted in junior college. PTKAA participates in community service and encourages members to develop leadership skills by chairing events.

    President: Sabiha Mahmood

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Psi Chi - PSICHI

    The mission of Psi Chi is to produce well educated, ethical, and socially responsible members committed to contributing to the science and profession of psychology and to society in general.

    Website: Facebook - PSICHI
    President: Meredith Woods
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Chris Ward

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Sigma Tau Delta - STD

    Sigma Tau Delta (Rho Omega Chapter) is the UHCL branch of the International English Honor Society. Through excellence and remarkable achievement in Literature, students are invited to become a life member of the Honor Society provided they meet the requirements set forth by the chapter.

    President: Tom Higginbottom
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Clody

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

Human Science & Humanities

  • Applied Behavior Analysis Student Organization - ABASO

    Our organization aims to educate students and members of the community regarding the field of Applied Behavior Analysis as well as advancing in the field.

    Website: Facebook - ABASO
    President: Tarah Bowser
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sarah Lechago

    Updated: 25-Sep-2013

  • Art Association - ART

    We are an organization dedicated to bringing UHCL students and alumni together to participate in the local art community. Any student interested in the arts is welcome to join the art association.

    President: Amber Kaiser
    Faculty Advisor: Jason Makepeace

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Clinical Psychology Student Association - CPSA

    The purpose of CPSA is to afford clinical psychology students with the opportunities to create a sense of community through academic events, fundraising events, community service events, and personal development.

    Website: Facebook - CPSA,
    President: Brenda Lazorwitz
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mary Short

    Updated: 26-Sep-2013

  • Communication and Digital Media Association - CDMA

    The Communication and Digital Media Association (CDMA) welcomes all undergraduate and graduate students at UHCL, regardless of major. CDMA is actively involved in campus events and hosts study groups each semester for undergraduate students preparing to take the GSP test. CDMA also tours communications & media companies throughout the semester, giving members a chance to meet and network with professionals in the field.

    Website: Facebook - CDMA, Twitter - CDMA, Instagram - CDMA
    President: Brittany Cardenas
    Faculty Advisor: Stuart Larson

    Updated: 17-Mar-2014

  • Criminology Student Organization - CSO

    The mission of the Criminology Student Organization is to provide students with knowledge and understanding of the criminal justice system. CSO Provides this through carefully selected guest sponsors, trips, and opportunities to network in the community. With these services, members are able to effectively learn and apply principles to their lives. CSO welcomes all students of all majors and strives to continuously serve all students.

    Website: Facebook - CSO,
    President: Carrie Yost
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Egger

    Updated: 24-Sep-2012

  • Cross-Cultural, Anthropology and Sociology Student Association - CASSA

    CASSA promotes the study of cultural diversity and the cross-cultural studies, anthropology and sociology programs at UHCL through events and volunteer opportunities.

    Website: Facebook - CASSA, Twitter - CASSA, Flickr - CASSA - CASSA
    President: Lisa Wilkins
    Faculty Advisor: Charlotte Haney

    Updated: 13-Aug-2013

  • Fitness and Human Performance Honor Society - FHPHS

    The Fitness and Human Performance Honor Society seeks to promote health and fitness within the UHCL community and the surrounding community. The organization is a place where students can engage in strength and conditioning activities, community service and health and fitness promotion.

    Website: Facebook - FTSA
    President: Jason Buckaloo
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Amonette

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Family Therapy Student Association - FTSA

    The Family Therapy Student Association aids in promoting the common professional development of those who are interested in Marriage and Family Therapy. It also aims to provide an informational forum for educational, networking and social opportunities, and a chance to share knowledge and experience.

    Website: Facebook - FTSA
    President: Misti Nielson
    Faculty Advisor: Desiree Seponski, 281-283-3448

    Updated: 28-Sep-2012

  • History Club - HIST

    The history club promotes the study of history and the history department of UHCL.

    President: Jennifer Hamilton
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Barbara Hales

    Updated: 09-Oct-2013

  • Human Factors and Ergonomics Society - HFES

    The HFES student chapter at UHCL was formed with the purpose of promoting and advancing the understanding of human factors and ergonomics.

    Presidents: Lee Evaldez, Tri Pham
    Faculty Advisor:Dr. Aaron Larson

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Legal Studies Association - LSA

    LSA aims to provide and help any student with legal information. Membership is open to students of all majors

    President: Kristyn Weaver
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Benson

    Updated: 01-Oct-2012

  • Psychology Club - PSYCH

    The Psychology Club at UHCL is open to anyone interested is psychology or behavioral sciences, regardless of your degree or major. We work with Psi Chi UHCL in community service and field networking events. Any participation can earn points that can qualify toward Psi Chi honor cord incentives.

    Website: Facebook - PSYCH
    President: Heather Tolleson

    Updated: 18-Sep-2013

  • School Psychology Student Association - SPSA

    School Psychology Student Association is a formal student group that promotes involvement in the program and field of school psychology. The group emphasizes professional development and organizes social events for students and alumni each semester.

    Website: Facebook - SWSO
    President: Carynton Gillespie
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Jaspers

    Updated: 14-Aug-2013

  • Social Work Student Organization - SWSO

    SWSO is an open organization that accepts all UHCL Students seeking more information about Social Services, or whoever wishes to participate in social work related events. SWSO also connects students and faculty to valuable resources including, but not limited to, community organizations and professional networking opportunities.

    Website: Facebook - SWSO
    Presidents: Eyvette Baldwin, Shaymayne Martinez
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arch Erich

    Updated: 30-Jul-2013

  • Society for Human Resources Management - SHRM

    SHRM will be the primary influence of workplace policies and practices that benefit our members and the organizations they serve. We will build a broad and actively engaged membership that ensures dissemination of lending practices to the workplace, be the major source for building strong competencies and developing the talent and leadership of people in our organizations, and ensure a solid financial structure that permits reinvestment in initiatives and learning that advances the state of the profession.

    President: Jeena Cherian
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Alix Valenti

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Women Studies Student Association - WSSA

    Our purpose is to bring awareness and spark interest in issues concerning the role gender plays in our lives. Through WSSA we hope to incite community wide involvement in women's issues through discussions, seminars, film viewing, and other activities designed to educate and inform peers.

    Website: Facebook - WSSA,
    President: Kellie Keener
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Angela Howard

    Updated: 19-Sep-2013

Intercultural and International Organizations

  • Black Students Association - BSA

    The purpose of the Black Students Association is to promote activities of common interest, as well as cultural and educational benefits for the African and African American student body. The vision of BSA is to be the premier student organization for African and African American emergent leaders.

    Website: Facebook - BSA
    President: Coretta Duplessis

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Chinese Student Association - CSA

    CSA helps international Chinese students study at UHCL and organizes activities and events to promote the culture. We aim to best serve Chinese students into smooth transitions.

    President: Jin Zhang
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lei Wu

    Updated: 31-Jul-2012

  • Hispanics Advancing Culture, Education, & Roots - HACER

    HACER is a student organization at UHCL that promotes Hispanic cultural, social, academic and educational programs and events on campus and in the Clear Lake community to promote diversity.

    Website: Facebook - HACER
    President: Valente Aguilar
    Faculty Advisor: Daniel S. Haworth

    Updated: 18-Sep-2013

  • Indian Students Association - ISA

    We are an independent association, originally formed for Indian students but open to anyone. ISA is recognized by the University of Houston Clear-Lake. We organize special events, such as Diwali, and try to keep India and its cultural heritage alive in our hearts far away from home in the United States. We find that helping each other in times of need is what brings us together and strengthens our ever expanding community.

    Website: Facebook - ISA,,
    President: Sai Gautham Vejandla
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sheerekha Subramanian

    Updated: 10-Oct-2013

  • Multicultural Educational and Social Student Organization - MESSO

    The purpose of the Multicultural Education and Social Student Organization is to promote awareness of all cultures represented here at University of Houston-Clear Lake. The organization seeks to help students from all countries and backgrounds in promoting their cultures through celebration, while educating other members of the University of Houston-Clear Lake community- We shall "celebrate to educate".

    President: Mariana Sepulveda

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Nepalese Student Association - NSA

    The Nepalese Students Association helps to promote communication between Nepalese students and their communities at University of Houston – Clear Lake (UHCL). NSA guides newly arriving Nepalese students easily through UHCL and introduces and preserves Nepalese cultures and traditions through cultural awareness, creating a healthy environment to exchange education among students.

    Website: Facebook - NSA,
    President: Parbat Adhikari

    Updated: 07-Sep-2013

  • Saudi Student Orgnanization - SSO

    We are looking forward to be part of the UHCL community through our Saudi cultural contribution like celebrating religious festivals (Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha) and Saudi National Day. For Saudi student-outreach, we organize workshops for new comers to help them adjusting the American culture.

    Website: Facebook - SSO, Twitter - SSO
    President: Abdullah Algamdi

    Updated: 23-Jan-2014

  • Turkish Student Association - TRSA

    The Turkish Student Association aims to unite Turkish Students, Turkish community in Clear Lake and those interested in Turkish culture to orient incoming Turkish students in Clear Lake to the university environment and assist them in their effort to adjust to the new community.

    Website: Facebook - TRSA, Twitter - TRSA
    President: Faith Karabacak
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Hakduran Koc

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Taiwanese Student Association - TSA

    We are an organization helping students from Taiwan, not only for graduate school, but also for English classes.

    Website: Facebook - TSA
    President: Daniel CT Lin
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Morris Liaw

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Vietnamese Students Association - VSA

    VSA acts as a big family for all Vietnamese students at UHCL. We wish to make VSA to be well-known and familiar to all professors, staff and students at UHCL.

    Website: Facebook - VSA,
    President: Thoai Nguyen

    Updated: 01-Jul-2013


  • Baptist Student Ministry - BSM

    The purpose of the UHCL BSM is to provide a ministry to persons of the University of Houston-Clear Lake community, leading them toward faith in God through Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, guiding them in Christian growth and discipleship, and involving them in responsible church membership.

    Website: Facebook - BSM, Twitter - BSM,
    President: John Duvall

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Muslim Students Association - MSA

    University of Houston-Clear Lake Muslim Student Association is an organization catered to college Muslims and non-Muslims interested in promoting peace, and unity. We strive to break down barriers and misconceptions about Islam by engaging in campus events.

    Website: Facebook - MSA,
    President: Sarah Ali

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

Science and Computer Engineering

  • Astronomy Club - ASTRO

    The UHCL Astronomy club works to dispense astronomical knowledge to students, staff and UHCL community members in an effort to foster greater appreciation of the night sky.

    Website: Facebook - ASTRO
    President: Jessyka Reynoso
    Faculty Advisor: Keith M. Parsons

    Updated: 01-Jul-2013

  • Chemistry Club - CHEM

    The UHCL Chemistry Club is designed to stimulate learning and supplement the UHCL Chemistry department. It is our goal to help create a closer bond between science students and thus promote in class participation and enhanced learning. All UHCL SCE students are welcome to join.

    Website: Facebook - CHEM
    President: Chris Breiner
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jack Lu

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Computer Game and Simulation Development Association - CGSDA

    Student Computer Game Development Association will provide a great platform to students who are interested in video game design and development. It would be fun to learn, play and develop your own game.

    Co-Presidents: Sharath Chaitanya, Reddy Byreddy
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jack Lu

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • IT Crowd - ITC

    The focus and goals of the IT Crowd is the following: helping members understand the current trends and needs of the IT job market and assisting members in defining their personal career paths.

    President: Emily Fundling
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Arti Mann

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • National Science Foundation Scholars - NSFS

    The NSF Scholar organization focuses on attracting computer and mathematics majors to technological disciplines while improving their academic and career advancement through mentoring strategies and expose to industry related research.

    Website: Facebook - IEEE,,
    President: Kimberly Stonestreet
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kwok-Bun Yue

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • National Science Scholars Organization- NSSO

    The mission of the Natural Sciences Scholars Organization is to prepare Science students for their careers as scientists. This will be done by investigating the industries from which potential jobs can be found and developing professional networks to be a resource to current and future students in the Natural Science Programs. By developing this network, students will gain perspective on how educational requirements relate to their industries.

    President: Ali Edrisi
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Richard Puzdrowski

    Updated: 21-May-2014

  • Physics Club - PHYSICS

    The Physics club is an organization that promotes interest in the fields of physics, and the physical sciences in general. Many of our members are physics majors, but one needs only an interest in science to join. Membership is open to all UHCL students.

    President: Michael Duran
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Samina Masood

    Updated: 12-Sep-2013

  • Pre-Health Association and Science Association - PHSA

    PHSA is designed for all pre-health and science majors who are interested in potential volunteer or related career opportunities.

    Website: Facebook - PHA
    President: Natasha Nielsen
    Faculty Advisor: Richard Puzdrowski

    Updated: 29-Jul-2013

  • Robotics Development Association - RDA

    Organize a platform for students to actively participate in robotics related development activities at UHCL. Attract more students in to STEM majors and promote the development of smart robotics system development among UHCL students.

    President: Venkat Gudavalli
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lei Wu

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry - SETAC

    The student chapter of the global organization SETAC, UHCL-SETAC provides a forum for students with opportunities to attend the regional/national level meetings and help identify the professional areas of their interest. UHCL-SETAC is an ideal platform for students in the Environmental Chemistry or Toxicology to establish professional contacts and obtain information regarding research being conducted in the corresponding fields. Besides, UHCL-SETAC strives for team work, educating members about field and laboratory protocols and methodologies in the aforementioned fields.

    Website: Facebook - SETAC,
    President: Alyson Shepherd
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cindy Howard

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

  • Society of Industrial Hygienists and Safety Professionals - SIHSP

    The Society of Industrial Hygiene and Safety Professionals (SIHSP) is a professionally affiliated student organization designed to promote professional development, networking opportunities and promote safety and industrial hygiene awareness on the UHCL campus and surrounding community. SIHSP is nationally chartered by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) as a student section in the Gulf Coast AIHA Local Section, and the American Society of Safety Engines (ASSE) as a student section of ASSE Gulf Coast Chapter.

    Website: Facebook - SIHSP,
    President: Bill Bell
    Faculty Advisor: Magdy Akladios

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

Special Interest

  • Be the Match on Campus - BTMC

    We are an organization aimed at raising awareness of blood cancers and other life-threatening diseases. Our goal is to help save lives around the world by registering donors from our own campus's students. As well as building community relationships in the meidcal and social service fields.

    Website: Facebook - BTMC
    Co-Presidents: Robin Aleman, Jasmon Augustine
    Faculty Advisor: Lee Ann Wheelbarger

    Updated: 19-Mar-2014

  • Clear Lake Anime Watchers - CLAW

    We are the anime club at the University of Houston - Clear Lake. Our values are radical inclusion, dialogue and cultural appreciation.

    Website: Facebook - CLAW, Twitter - CLAW, Google Plus - CLAW, Tumblr - CLAW
    President: Sonya Herridge
    Faculty Advisor: Blaine Ganter

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. Kappa Colony - DXN

    The Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority Inc. is committed to the furtherance of multiculturalism by promoting diversity and cultural awareness in our local communities and throughout the world.

    Website: Facebook - DXN,,
    President: Deamantina Garza - Garcia
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. Maria Curtis

    Updated: 31-Jul-2013

  • Gamers' Guild - GAME

    The purpose of this organization shall be: (1) to facilitate the social gathering of UHCL students and others with a common interest in all manner of games. (2) To raise awareness among members of campus activities, and (3) to promote the expansion of and contribution to campus social activities.

    Website: Facebook - GAME,
    President: Aadi Kaul
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Bartsch

    Updated: 18-Sep-2013

  • Health and Wellness Club - HAWC

    HAWC promotes, organizes and facilitates health and wellness activities to create a support system for members and the community.

    Website: Facebook - HAWC
    Co-Presidents: Sarah Hopson, Coreen Duplessis

    Updated: 21-Nov-2013

  • Milo Weightlifting Club - MWC

    We provide a way for members to learn about movements done in the weight room. We supply a simple, progressive way to think about lifting weights.

    President: Paul Fullmer
    Faculty Advisor: Dr. William Amonette

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • Model Arab League Student Organization - MALSO

    MALSO is a student-inspired and student-run organization that seeks to promote participation in the Model Arab League and enable students to enjoy the academic, social, and career benefits the model allows. MALSO members are committed to cross-cultural awareness and bridging gaps between cultures through dialogue.

    Website: Facebook - MALSA
    President: Katherine Boggess
    Faculty Advisor: Maria Curtis

    Updated: 30-Sep-2013

  • People Against Violence Everywhere - PAVE

    PAVE brings students together from diverse backgrounds to collaborate educational programs in an effort to raise awareness and end violence in all its forms. PAVE seeks to guide UHCL students as they become leaders in the movement against violence in the manners that are most important to them.

    Website: Facebook - PAVE
    President: Kendra & Alan
    Faculty Advisor: Lindsay Humphrey

    Updated: 03-Oct-2012

  • Photography Club - PC

    The Photography club at UHCL encourages all students passionate about the art form of photography to join together and learn from one another.

    President: Shovana Thulung
    Faculty Advisor: Matthew Linton

    Updated: 25-Jun-2013

  • Societas Fanaticus - SOFA

    The Societas Fanaticus, or the SoFa, serves to connect UHCL students and members of the community across geek-related fandoms, which may include, but are not limited to: science fiction, fantasy, video games and anime.

    Website: Facebook - SoFa
    President: Cody Burns
    Faculty Advisor: David Benz

    Updated: 03-Sep-2013

  • Student Parents Association - SPA

    We as student parents perfect juggling work, school, and our future generation. Together, we can provide support and compare notes to confidently complete our short and long term goals, both educationally and personally.

    President: Rachel Hassell

    Updated: 19-Mar-2014

  • Student Veterans of America - SVA

    To support the transition and educational success of student members. To volunteer within the community and reach out to those in need. To advocate for student veteran concerns and build awareness of veteran specific issues.

    Website: Facebook - SVA,,
    President: Nancy Gwinn
    Faculty Advisor: Cheryl Rohde

    Updated: 13-Jan-2014

  • University of Houston-Clear Lake Cricket Club - UHCL-CC

    This organization is established to conduct cricket tournaments to bring diversity to UHCL. Open to everyone.

    Website: Facebook - UHCL-CC
    President: Ashwin Bobbasami

    Updated: 01-Oct-2012

  • Unity Club - UNITY

    Unity Club Strives to create a safe environment for all members of the LGBT community, any interested party in being an Ally, as well as the collective UHCL population. We are a group that truly cares for one another's well-being and multi-faceted advancements. We see ourselves more as a second family, open to others, than an organization.

    Website: Facebook - UNITY,
    President: Ashley Connelley
    Faculty Advisor: Ms. Lindsay Humphrey

    Updated: 19-Sep-2013

  • Win Others Over Organization - WOOO

    No obligation, no dues. Just socials, community service and an accepting environment that truly defines who we are. As part of WOOO, you will also get to experience other organizations whenever you have time.

    President: Talisa Appleby

    Updated: 18-Sep-2013

  • Young Americans for Liberty - YAL

    The mission of the Young Americans for Liberty (YAL) club is to train, educate, and mobilize youth activists committed to "winning on principle". Our goal is to cast the leaders of tomorrow and reclaim the policies, candidates, and direction of our government. As Americans, we recognize the God-given natural rights of life, liberty and property set forth by our Founding Fathers..

    Website: Facebook - YAL, Twitter - YAL,
    President: Desiree Green

    Updated: 07-Oct-2013

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Patrick L. Cardenas
Coordinator of Student Life -
Student Organizations
Phone: 281-283-2551
Fax: 281-283-2566

Mallory M. Mourot
Graduate Assistant
Phone: 281-283-2563

Student Life Office
SSCB 1.204
2700 Bay Area Blvd. Box 198
Houston, TX 77058

 Date Updated: 19-MAR-2014
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