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The School of Education (SoE) offers an extensive choice of specialized graduate and undergraduate plans. Our degree plans allow you to custom-tailor your course of study; this flexibility gives you a host of options when it comes to contemplating your career. Many graduates of the SoE find employment in a variety of educational settings. Others pursue careers in industry, government, independent practice, or consulting. The State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC)/Texas Education Agency (TEA) fully approves the SoE plans. The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) affirms the national status of the University of Houston-Clear Lake.

Office of Educator Certification

Direct all questions about State educator certification policies and regulations to this office at 281-283-3618. The Educator Certification Office maintains all official certification records for the SoE. Contact the Office of Educator Certification via email at: This office also:

  • approves applications for admission to the Teacher Education Program
  • audits the Master’s Comprehensive Examination, and graduation
  • recommends students for educator certificates
  • prepares deficiency plans
  • tracks and reports Title II and TEA data

Teaching Certification

To become a certified teacher in Texas, you must have the following:

  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university
  • Completed teacher training through an approved program
  • Successful completion of the appropriate teacher certification tests for the subject and grade level you wish to teach. For a list of the certification tests and information on which tests are required, visit the State Assessments page.

The University of Houston-Clear Lake offers teaching certification training options for both undergraduate students and those who already hold a bachelor's degree.

Post-Degree and Graduate Teacher Certification

If you already hold at least a bachelor’s degree, then you may seek initial teacher certification through either of two sets of programs. Students seeking their initial teacher certification while they pursue a master’s degree can follow a graduate teacher certification program. Students not pursuing a master’s can follow a post-baccalaureate teacher certification program. The program considers students working toward a second bachelor’s degree to be post-baccalaureate students.

Alternative Certification Program (ACP)

The UHCL School of Education offers the Alternative Certification Program in cooperation with local school districts. This training program allows teaching certificate candidates who have earned a Bachelor’s degree to work as full-time teachers while they complete their certification.

Professional Certifications

At the University of Houston-Clear Lake, students may pursue the following professional certifications which require a master’s degree: Principal, Reading Specialist, School Counselor, School Librarian, or Superintendent. These certifications require the following:

  • A master's degree from an approved accredited institution
  • Completion of the UHCL certification program
  • Two years of full-time "teacher of record" teaching experience in an approved, accredited school
  • A valid Texas teaching certificate
  • Successful completion of the appropriate TExES state assessment
  • For Superintendent certification, one must hold a valid Standard Principal certificate

UHCL offers programs that include a master's degree with one of the certifications (excluding Superintendent) and programs that include the certification only for those who already hold a master's degree. The Superintendent certificate is offered within a doctoral degree or as certification only for those who already hold a master’s degree.

Master Teacher Certifications

A Master Teacher certificate added to an existing Texas teacher certificate designates the educator as having mastery of a particular subject area. It is the intent that the master teacher will serve as a resource to fellow teachers.

Other Certifications

UHCL certificates are offered by the University of Houston-Clear Lake and are not state certificates. These certificates have been developed to fill a specific need.

Supplemental Certificates

A supplemental certificate is an area on concentration added to an existing state certificate. A supplemental certificate gives educators the ability to teach the supplemental subject at whatever grade level(s) or area(s) in which they hold certificates.


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