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The Staff

Administrative Staff:



Dr. Chloe Diepenbrock and Susie Queue

Director: Chloé Diepenbrock

My main goal for the Writing Center is to ensure its success as a center for literacy development for all university members. Every semester, as I train new tutors, I am reminded of the importance of the one-on-one work we do here in the center. Maintaining a rich collaborative environment means that writers have the opportunity to receive intelligent and informed feedback on the effectiveness of their texts. After twenty-seven years of teaching writing, I am still energized when a conference with a writer results in that writer's enthusiastic revision of a text. Since I founded the Writing Center in 1993, I have had the privilege of working with the many talented writers and tutors who have attended UH-Clear Lake. I invite every member of the university community to come by the center to discover what we have to offer.

Katie Hart and Susie Queue

Program Coordinator :
Katie Hart

Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree in Applied Design and Visual Arts in December of 2007, Katie began her job at the Writing Center as the part-time Web Assistant. In May of 2008, she was promoted to the role of Business Assistant, a title which she held until September of 2010, when she was again promoted to Program Coordinator.

As the Program Coordinator, her job duties include creating programs and scheduling workshops for Non-Native and Bilingual speakers of English and for students with disabilities, as well as working with them one-on-one to create plans of study and to help them become better writers. She has also taken on the responsibilities of supervising and training receptionists and occasionally assists with the training of tutors as needed. She still functions as the Business- and Web Assistant, jobs that include everything from account reconciliations and requisitions to maintaining, updating, and designing the Writing Center website, creating brochures, and even tutoring and occasionally filling in as a receptionist. She is responsible for designing Susie Queue and enjoys “taking pictures" of her.

Currently, she is working on a Master’s degree in Digital Media Studies and, in her free time, enjoys doing freelance web and graphic design, knitting, belly dancing, and watching excessive amounts of Babylon 5 and Dr. Who. She has a cat named Loki who is completely spoiled.



  • Jillian: Hello! I'm Jillian and I am a receptionist here at the Writing Center. I am also a student majoring in Education and have attended UHCL since Spring of 2010. As receptionist, I am always more than happy to assist students with scheduling an appointment with one of our tutors or to answer any questions that you may have about our services. I think that the Writing Center is one of UHCL's most useful resources and am thrilled to be part of a program that is dedicated to helping students succeed and become better writers.

  • Tunisha: Tunisha is a creative writer studying humanities and professional writing at UHCL. She enjoys reading and writing poetry, attending stage plays, and traveling. Her favorite quote is "Never let other people's opinions of you affect your opinion about yourself." -Tunisha


 Date Updated: 04-JUN-2013
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Spring 2014 Hours

Clear Lake Campus
Open Monday, January 13
through Friday, May 02

Sunday 12-5
Monday 9-9
Tuesday 9-9
Wednesday 9-9
Thursday 9-9
Friday 10-3

Pearland Campus

Tuesday   9-2

Writing Center Workshops      
All workshops last one hour and meet in the Writing Center.

"(NNS/BLS)" designates workshops specifically designed for Non-Native and Bilingual English Speakers.

A full list of Fall 2013 Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

(NNS/BLS) Choosing the Right Word
Learn how to correctly use articles, how to make your subjects and verbs agree, and how to make sure your plurals are correct.
• Thursday, May 1, 10:00 AM
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