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Writing Center Policies

  • The primary function of the Writing Center is to teach writers. We will work with students on any type of writing task; however, we do not provide editing services.
  • Students must bring their own papers. We will NOT work with one student on another's paper. If students are collaborating on a group project, all students must be present for the tutoring session.
  • To ensure productive conferences, students are asked to bring only one project per session.
  • Writing Center clients may schedule one 45-minute session per day and up to two 45-minute sessions per week.
  • Writers may request three appointments per week for specific reasons (usually non-native speakers or students with disabilities).  Those requesting additional appointments must first meet with the Center’s Program Coordinator to plan how to use their time.  This service can be requested only during the first two long months of the semester (September and October in the fall and February and March in the spring).
  • Writers who are more than ten minutes late for a scheduled appointment will be considered as “no-shows” and may lose their appointment to a walk-in student. 
  • Writers who accumulate three “no-shows” in one semester will be placed on a walk-in only basis.  This means that we will not schedule an appointment in advance, but the writer can come into the Center and work with available tutors.
  • Appointments can be modified or canceled up to two hours prior to the start time.  Anyone who cancels or reschedules an appointment after this deadline will be considered a “no-show.”
  • All online and read-ahead appointments require a 72-hour turnaround for scheduling and texts submitted cannot be longer than 15 pages.
  • Writers are welcome to use the Center’s materials and resources, but these materials may not be removed from the Center.
  • The computers and printers in the Center are reserved for Writing Center clients.
  • Please silence all phones and electronic devices while visiting the Center.

All visitors to the Writing Center are expected to treat the staff and other students with respect and consideration. Everyone who follows these policies is welcome.

 Date Updated: 08-JAN-2013
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Writing Center Hours      

Spring 2014 Hours

Clear Lake Campus
Open Monday, January 13
through Friday, May 02

Sunday 12-5
Monday 9-9
Tuesday 9-9
Wednesday 9-9
Thursday 9-9
Friday 10-3

Pearland Campus

Tuesday   9-2

Writing Center Workshops      
All workshops last one hour and meet in the Writing Center.

"(NNS/BLS)" designates workshops specifically designed for Non-Native and Bilingual English Speakers.

A full list of Fall 2013 Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

(NNS/BLS) Choosing the Right Word
Learn how to correctly use articles, how to make your subjects and verbs agree, and how to make sure your plurals are correct.
• Thursday, May 1, 10:00 AM
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