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Biotechnology M.S.

The Biotechnology MS program is composed of 36 hours of graduate courses. Students can choose either a capstone (extended coursework) or a thesis option.  Refer to the curriculum requirements on the Biotechnology MS degree plan.

Applicants for candidacy should have:

  1. Bachelor's degree in biology or related field
  2. Minimum GRE verbal + quantitative score of 290 (minimum quantitative score of 150, verbal score of 140, and writing score of 3.5)

Biotechnology Basic Requirements

Biotechnology Applicants should have completed the appropriate foundation course work prior to admission.
BIOL 3341 Molecular Genetics
BIOL 4341 Biochemistry I
BIOL 4344/4345/4343 Comparative Animal Physiology or Human Physiology or Plant Physiology
BIOL 4347 Cellular Physiology
BIOL 4351 Molecular Biology
STAT 3308  Computational Statistics

Applicants missing certain required courses may be admitted on condition that they complete the specified undergraduate foundation courses for full admission to the program

Students may enroll in these courses after admittance.

Evidence of completion of the course with a grade of "C" or better is required.

A maximum of 6 credit hours of the 4000-level courses listed above may be applied toward the 36 hours required for the M.S. degree.

Specialization Prerequisites

Upon acceptance to the M.S. in Biotechnology, students must declare the specialization to be pursued:

  1. Molecular Biotechnology
  2. Bioinformatics/ Computational Biology
  3. Biotechnology Management

Please be informed that there are additional prerequisites for each specialization/concentration (review Biotechnology Program Specialization Webpage for details). In all cases for specialization requirements, evidence of completion of the course with a grade of "C" or better is required.

Biotechnology Extended Coursework or Capstone (non-thesis) Option

  • 33 hours of coursework in one of the 3 Specialization areas
  • Of these 33 hours, 18-24 hours (depending on the specialization) must be courses on the BIOT rubric
  • 3 hours of BIOT 6838 Research Project and Seminar (capstone) taken in the last 12 hours

Biotechnology Thesis Option


  • A minimum of 27 hours of Biotechnology courses in one of the three Specialization Areas
  • BIOT 5530 Research Methods in Biotechnology
    • taken in 1st or 2nd semester
    • consult early with faculty advisor
  • 6 hours of BIOT 6939 Master's Thesis Option

Graduate students who are pursuing the MS thesis option should refer to CSE’s Master Thesis Requirements.

If a student takes more than 6 hours of BIOT 6939, they will not able to count them towards their degree and will only receive a grade for 6 hours.  Once they enroll in the course, they have to stay continually enrolled until they graduate.  Any hours above the 6 will show a credit only with no grade. A grade the 6 hours will only be assigned after completion and successful defense of thesis work. In the meantime, it will show “IP” or in progress.

Degree Plan

Student Resources

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