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Yingfu Li, Ph.D. Welcome to the graduate program in Statistics at the University of Houston-Clear Lake (UHCL). The Statistics program offers a Master of Science in Statistics. Its focus is interdisciplinary and students are trained to apply their knowledge of statistics in the fields of medicine, insurance, finance, education, sciences and engineering. The UHCL graduates in Statistics have been placed in diverse careers, including statistician / biostatisticians and analysts in the field of medical institutes, banking, insurance, investment, energy, environmental sciences, researchers, etc. Some of our graduates employed in banking and insurance companies are making six-figure salaries.

Why Study Statistics?

Statistics is the science of learning from data

  • It involves collection, analysis, interpretation of data, as well as effective communication and presentation of results relying on data.

Data is being collected everywhere all the time

  • From medical studies to scientific experiments, from polling organizations to National Security Agency, from the Curiosity exploring Mars to social network sites like Facebook, even from shopping at local stores such as Kroger, CVS, Randalls, etc., data is being diligently and consecutively collected for its use in quantitative analysis and inference to evaluate needs of the societies.
  • Knowledge in statistics provides you with the fundamental tools and conceptual foundations in quantitative reasoning to extract useful and important information intelligently from data.
  • Business, industries and government now rely on data for their planning and for developing policies. Knowledge of statistics lies at the heart of quantitative reasoning essential for making advances in the sciences, decisions in industries and development and implementation of government policy.

Statistics program at University of Houston-Clear Lake

  • The Statistics program at UHCL emphasizes a curriculum with a balance of theory and application of statistics. It prepares students with statistical knowledge, computing skills, and technical communication skills that are needed in their careers. Students with sufficient undergraduate math foundation courses are expected to graduate from the STAT program with a Master of Science in two years if they remain enrolled full-time.

Career Opportunities

Statisticians are in high demand in a wide variety of fields ranging from business to government and science to industry (such as government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, medical institutes, financial institutions, insurance companies, industrial firms, energy companies, etc.). Not only are there many exciting opportunities for statisticians, but careers in statistics are quite rewarding with excellent salaries and benefits. Statisticians with sufficient experience earn up to six-figure salaries.

"I am not much given to regret, so I puzzled over this one a while. Should have taken much more statistics in college, I think. :)" - Max Levchin, Paypal Co-founder, Slide founder.

Statistician projected as top 10 fastest­growing job –


Last updated: 08/01/2016 UTC
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