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The Chemistry Program offers opportunities for students seeking the degrees of Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Master of Science in Chemistry. The UHCL Chemistry Program was created in the 1980s, and achieved the prestigious status of American Chemical Society (ACS) accreditation in 2003, followed by re-accreditation in 2009. As well as being on the ACS list of approved chemistry programs nationwide, our Chemistry Program has also been rated as one of the top 20% nationwide chemistry programs and one of the top chemistry programs within the state of Texas Students enrolled in the Chemistry Program may choose high quality content courses in all of the traditional areas of Analytical, Inorganic, Organic, and Physical Chemistry, as well as in the closely related fields of Biochemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Petrochemical and Process Chemistry, and Chemical Engineering. Moreover, chemistry majors and other interested students are encouraged to participate in the research activities of our Chemistry Program. Research opportunities are available for both graduate students and undergraduate students at all levels from Junior to Senior each year.

By undertaking research projects, students become part of a faculty member’s research group and work with graduate students, post-doctoral and other research scientists on projects of cutting-edge scientific significance. Participating undergraduates often receive scholarship supported by endowments from the Welch Foundation in the form of Chemistry Departmental Research Grant, and become co-authors on papers in scientific journals. Additionally, undergraduate students may earn an ACS certified BS degrees in chemistry if they complete the appropriate curriculum. Undergraduate students with an ACS certified BS degree, a scholarship and co authorship in a paper have great advantages in their future career development. In order to encourage students to undertake undergraduate research, the Chemistry Program has provided academic year and summer projects; in addition, our faculty members are more than willing to discuss research opportunities with students if there is a type of chemistry that students would like to explore, even if they never had them in class.

Why choose a career in chemistry?

Chemists often refer to chemistry as the central science, because chemistry plays a vital role in nearly every other scientific field. As a result, a degree in chemistry can prepare students for a wide variety of careers, some of which you may have never considered, such as governmental officer, lawyer, and sales representative, in addition to the traditional jobs for a chemist. As such, students with a degree in chemistry are unlikely to be unemployed, as indicated in the employment rate surveys produced by different agencies. Chemistry can be both fun and interesting if you allow it to be. Students with a good knowledge of chemistry can also explain many phenomena in their daily life, and do things more realistically as well as behave ethically.

Why come to UHCL for a BS or BA degree in chemistry?

Our chemistry Program is the only chemistry department in the Clear Lake Area that offers face-to-face classes at times convenient to students who work full-time, and has a tradition of teaching part-time, non-traditional students with evening courses and weekend courses. In addition, students seeking a degree in chemistry at UHCL will have the following advantages.

  • Getting a Chemistry BS degree with a particular specialization. Students have the opportunity to choose interesting specializations in the following areas: Chemical & Biological Technology Specialization, Forensic Chemistry Specialization, Chemistry with an Emphasis on Pre-Health area, Petrochemical & Process Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Convenience for transfer students (for students transferring from other universities, two-year colleges, or from other curriculums, previous chemistry courses will be evaluated on an individual basis, and normally will be counted toward our program. The content of laboratory courses can be adjusted to allow for prior experience. Every attempt is made to accommodate transfer students whose backgrounds do not permit them to follow the normal course sequence.
  • Great opportunity for employment
  • Proximity to chemical industrial centers such as Baytown, Freeport, and Pasadena, as well as NASA'S Johnson Space Center and Medical Center (one of the largest medical centers in the world)
  • Low in-state tuition fee with year-round enrollment
  • Higher chance to receive one of our many scholarships (the Chemistry Program has the greatest scholarship endowments among all the programs within UHCL in terms of the amount of endowment received)
  • Small class size so that students have more contact with our faculty members
  • All core courses in chemistry are offered by our full-time faculty with PhD degrees to meet ACS criteria for accreditation
  • Exposure to modern instruments (with internal and national science foundation's supports, our Chemistry Program has received several most advanced analytical instruments including GC-MS, LC-MS, LC-MS (ESI-TOF), ICP, etc.)
  • Higher salary than students in many other degrees
  • Possibility to obtain double majors or minors in other disciplines
  • Participation in Co-terminal BS-MS program (Chemistry Scholar Program) with the GRE requirement waived.
  • Potential to earn an ACS certified BS degree
  • Undergraduate Minors (students majoring in chemistry may obtain a minor in many disciplines through minor programs offered by other departments. For students in chemistry who wish to pursue scientific careers in research, in medicine, or at the interface of biology and chemistry, special minors are available in biology, such as Biology Minor for Chemistry Majors, Chemistry Minor for Non-Chemistry Majors).
  • Electives. You should discuss your plans with your advisor to have the information necessary to choose elective courses that will be useful in fulfilling your career goals.
  • Dual degrees in chemistry (students interested in both chemistry and another field may use the elective courses in one program to take the required courses from another discipline to qualify for a dual degree. Examples are a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology, or Chemistry and Physics, or Chemistry and Economics. Combinations with any other science or discipline are usually not difficult to arrange. Students should speak to advisors in both areas).

Why come to UHCL for a MS degree in chemistry?

Master students, having many of the same advantages as our undergraduate students, can also graduate with specialization in one of the following areas: Specialization in Astrobiochemistry, Specialization in Chemical Technology Management & Marketing, Specialization in Petrochemical & Process Chemistry, Specialization in Biochemistry and Specialization in Medicinal Chemistry.

Last updated: 10/11/2016 UTC
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