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SLICE Workshop Series


Who attends: UHCL students, faculty and staff may attend SLICE Workshops, NSLS Speaker Broadcasts, Leadership Training Days and Speaker Marathons.

Questions: Contact if you have any questions.

Leadership Workshops

  1. Presenter: Dr. Stephen Cherry

    By 2050 the U.S. Census estimates that the country will be a majority minority nation. What does this mean for leadership?

    Given that Houston is already a majority minority city and is running roughly thirty years ahead of these project trends, in this workshop, attendees will actively engage in current debates over multi-cultural education and the need for cultural diversity competency as a means to explore practical leadership strategies and approaches for a rapidly changing American populous.

    Through interactive lecture, role-play and breakout sessions, attendees will learn the language and strategies for leading both across and through diversity.

  2. Presenter: Jon Reeves, UHCL Counseling Services

    This workshop will help you identify ways to keep your life in balance in the midst of multiple roles and responsibilities. If you find yourself pulled by different aspects of your life (such as work, family, school, community or UHCL involvements, friends, and fun) and at times feel like you're caught in a storm of demands, this workshop is designed for you. It will help you learn about and identify ways of managing your time, as well as coping mechanisms and techniques to reduce stress so you can be successful and enjoy a balanced life.

  3. Presenter: Teal Keller

    Many companies look to hire creative employees, but what if you have never felt creative? Some people believe that every person has the ability to be creative, but perhaps has not been given the opportunity. Attendees will learn about creativity's correlation with self-authorship and engage in creative expression. We will first assess our fears of risk and failure and then explore creativity through several activities.

  4. Presenter: Joyce Delores Taylor

    This inspiring and uplifting workshop will teach you the definition of leadership, how to recognize leadership styles, and the key traits of successful leaders. You will receive a booklet packed with several leadership assessment tools. You will be engaged, laugh, and have fun in this interactive workshop learning about the essentials of leadership! Several give-away items make this additionally a special workshop to attend.

  5. Presenter: Jennifer Clark

    In this VERY interactive workshop, participants will learn about teamwork and group dynamics in the context of activities and from watching clips from MGM's classic film "The Wizard of Oz".

  6. Presenters: David Chavers and Stacey Shields, UHCL Counseling Services

    Pre-requisite: Must pre-register prior to taking the Myers-Briggs Type Inventory(MTBI) in Counseling Services, SSCB 3103, by Thu, Mar 17, 12:00 pm in order to participate in this workshop.

    This seminar will help you learn about your communication/leadership style via the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), and how to work better with people who have different styles. All participants will receive their personal profiles from Career Services during this session.

  7. Presenter: Tommy Calzadias

    What does it mean to show up and be seen? Why do some leaders make bad choices? Why are some people willing to risk their own futures to uphold principles? What gives us the strength to stand up for what we believe in?

    Based on Rushworth M. Kidder's book "Moral Courage" and Brene Browns "The Gifts of Imperfection", this highly interactive workshop will explore the keys to ethical decision making in the face of life's challenges. Participants will learn the tools and strategies necessary to make good choices in everyday life and leadership positions. In this workshop we will also explore what it means to live an authentic wholehearted life.

  8. Presenter: Regina Julian

    Before any aspiring leader can motivate, and/or create change, he/she must be aware of their own nonverbal communication and what it "says" to those with whom they must interact.

    Actions such as tone of voice, use of space, silence, pauses and hesitation, eye contact, and body movement are just a few aspects of this profile that speak volumes about your leadership style and directly impacts the willingness of others to interact with you!

    Therefore, this session will utilize a highly-interactive lecture format designed to impart an awareness of this power, as well as afford each participant an action plan that can help increase the success of any leadership venture!

NSLS Speaker Broadcasts
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Leadership Training Day

Speaker Marathons

NSLS members must complete New Member Orientation prior to registering.


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