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Lighting and Sound Specifications

The lighting and sound are operated from the back of the house in a large technical production "Booth," approximately 30'-0" long and 8'-0" deep. The Stage Manager can also call the show from this location. For visibility, there are one inch glass windows that run the entire length of the booth. Only the sound operator station has the ability to slide open a section of that window.

House Lighting Console

  • ETC Express 72/144. House control is DMX 512. House lighting control can be independent of the light console.
  • The house connector is 20A, 3-wire twist-lock connector. House system is dimmer-per-circuit.

Lighting Instruments Available

Number Type Wattage
39 16 Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal 750
37 ETC 26° Source 4 Ellipsoidal 575
30 ETC 36° Source 4 Ellipsoidal 575
40 6 x 12 Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal 750
65 6 x 9 Altman 360Q Ellipsoidal 750
18 4 Color Strip Lights (RGBW) 250 (per light)
8 4 cell Colortran Far CYC (RGBA) 1k (per cell)
10 K9 Pup LED (RGB) 54

Lighting Positions

Front of House

House Position Name From Plaster Line Height from Stage Degree Angle to Stage Number of Circuits Total Lights Allowed
First Beam 3'-0" 20'-0" 64 24 + 3 non dims 28
3Second Beam 24'-0" 34'-0" 39 24 + 3 non dims 28
Box Booms (SR & SL) 17'-6" 16'-6" 42 4 each side (2 shared with 2nd Beam) 5 (each side)

On Stage

House Position Name From Plaster Line From CYC Number of Circuits
First Electric 3'-6" 26'-0" 26
Second Electric 9'-0" 20'-6" 16
Third Electric 15'-0" 14'-6" 16
Fourth Electric 23'-0" 6'-6" 16
Back Wall     8 + 2 non dims
Floor Pockets     3 Down Stage & 3 Up Stage + 2 non dims

Lighting Notes

  • Lighting Trees/Booms-Eight (8) exist-Must schedule ample time to set these up and focus. All time required for this is billable to the renter.
  • An electrical "Company Box" is located Off Stage Left on the plaster wall. It is a Four-Wire (4), Three (3) Phase service, 200 amps each for a total of 600 amps.
  • Two Altman Q1000 Spotlights are operated from the back of house in the booth. They have 1000 watt quartz lamps installed.


Stage 1-188 20 amp 2,400 watts
House Lights 191-200 20 amp 2,400 watts
1st Electric 189-190 50 amp 600 watts
Non-Dims 14 Total 20 amp 2,400 watts

Dimmer Schedule & Light Plot with Lighting Trees available upon request.


Sound Board

Soundcraft Series Two – 32 channel, 8 aux, 8 groups


The theatre is equipped with one Tascam MK121 Tape deck and two Sony CDP-D11 CD players.


Each Amplifier has its own equalizing capability. Amplifiers 1-4 and the subwoofers utilize a single BSS Audio Soundweb 9088ii DSP system controller, Amplifiers 5-7 utilize three White 4100 Equalizers.

Amplifier # Amplifier Type Purpose
1 Crown CTS 3000 Central Cluster
2 BGW 7500T Proline II L/R Deck
3 BGW 7500T Proline II House Surround Front
4 BGW 7500T Proline II House Surround Rear
5 BGW 7500T Proline II Stage Monitors (channel 1/2)
6 BGW 7500T Proline II Stage Channel 3/4
7 BGW 7500T Proline II Stage Channel 5/6

Stage Inputs/Other Audio Equipment

There are approximately 13 microphone inputs onstage, four are located Stage right, five are located on the front of the stage, and four are located on Stage left. The Theatre has eleven microphone stands, ten short stands (approx. 1' high), and six 3' boom arms. There is an assortment of audio cable, and Three Stagemaster CB-1 Direct Boxes.


Quantity Microphone Model Use
8 Shure SM 58 Vocal
11 Shure SM 57 Instrument
1 Shure PG52 Instrument/Drum
3 Crown PCC 160 Area/Boundary
8 Shure MX202 B/C Area/Boundary
3 Shure MX391/C Tabletop/Boundry

Wireless Microphones

The Theatre is equipped with two Shure ULXP4 Receivers and the following transmitter/microphone combinations:

Quantity Microphone Transmitter Microphone Type
2 Shure ULX1 Bodypack Shure WL185
2 Shure ULX2 Handheld Shure SM 58

Please note, Although there are four wireless microphone transmitters, only two may be used simultaneously, as there are only two receivers.


  • Stage Monitors (4 EV-S-200's mounted to walls on stage)
  • 1 Central Cluster of speakers (2 JBL AE Series AM4212/64, 1 JBL AE Series AM4212/00)
  • House Surround Speakers (4 EV-S-200)
  • L/R Deck Speakers (2 JBL AE Series AC2212/95)
  • Subwoofers (1 JBL MP418SP, 1 JBL MP418S)

The Bayou Theatre currently does not have personal stage monitors for musicians/bands or musicals, we do have additional amplifiers and outputs onstage that can be used to connect compatible speakers provided or rented by the client.

Backstage Communication

The Bayou theatre is equipped with a HME DX200 wireless base station with four wireless headsets, (up to three are required for house crew) and a single channel wired RTS intercom system with approximately Seven fully functional Listen/Talk headsets and two Listen only headsets.

Ports are located at the following locations in the theatre:

Location Number
Booth 7
Stage Right (Fly Rail) 2
Stage Left 2
Backstage (Scene Shop) 2

Backstage Audio/Video Program Feed

To hear the action on stage there are several built-in monitors routed to the two dressing rooms, the green room, the scene shop, and the booth. Each is individually adjustable at its location. . In addition there are three televisions located in the Backstage Shop and Greenroom that provide an onstage video feed.

Theater Contact

Robert Nagle, Theater Supervisor
2700 Bay Area Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77058

Phone: 281-283-2562

Theater Leasing Contact

For Theater forms and questions, contact:

Tiffany King
Phone: 281-283-2199
Fax: 281-283-2257

Last updated: 08/01/2016 UTC
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