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Stage and Drapery Specifications

Stage Floor

The stage floor is level, not raked. It is a suspended dance floor composed of pine wood. There are no trap doors. For dance, the Bayou Theater has a “Jazz” type thickness Marley dance floor, the floor can be laid if given at least two weeks prior notification. There is also an additional expendables fee.(See Rental Fees).


Width…52’-2” Height…18’-0”

Plaster Line

to Back Wall…32’-2”
to Furthest Upstage Pipe…29’-6” (to CYC on line set #42).


Varies with curvature…10’-0” from plaster line to furthest point at center.
Apron to Back Wall…42’-2”.

Wing Space

Stage Left...13’-2” wide by 32’-2” to Back Wall
Stage Right…9’-8” wide by 32’-2” to Back Wall.

Crossover Space

This is done through Scene Shop area.You must go through the sound proofing doors at each side.

Counterweight Fly System

Manual operated hemp rope counterweight system located Stage Right on Stage Floor Level. Each line set, after balancing, is set for up to 1000 pounds.
Grid Height…50’-0” Fly-out distance…47’-0”
Pipe Diameter…1 1/2” Average length of battens…61’-0”
There are 42 lines that vary in width apart from 0’-6” to 2’-0” (see hang plot)
Front Main Curtain
Line Set #1 operates the Front RED Curtain (by manual Fly)
It is 1’-0” from Plaster Line.


Draperies Number Height Width Color Description Material
Front Main Curtain - made of two
30’-0” pieces - This curtain is not
on a traveler!
1 25’-0” 60’-0” Plum Pleated Velour
Legs (Pairs) 4 22’-0” 15’-0” Black Pleated Velour
Borders 4 10’-0” 60’-0” Black Pleated Velour
Blackout Curtain - made of two
30’-0” pieces -This curtain is not
on a traveler!
1 25’-0” 60’-0” Black Pleated Velour
Cyclorama # 1 1 24’-0” 56’-0” White Flat Muslin
Cyclorama # 2 1 26’-0” 60’-0” White Flat Muslin
Scrims None          
Travelers None          

Theater Contact

Robert Nagle, Theater Supervisor
2700 Bay Area Blvd. 
Houston, TX 77058

Phone: 281-283-2562

Theater Leasing Contact

For Theater forms and questions, contact:

Tiffany King
Phone: 281-283-2199
Fax: 281-283-2257

Last updated: 07/25/2016 UTC
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